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Marketing Mondays: Offering Consulting Presentations

Have a dream consulting client that you’d like to land but are unsure of how to get your foot in the door? Here’s a business strategy that often works…

Educate Them

Put together an educational presentation that will provide value and new insights or ideas for your dream client.

For example, let’s say you’ve identified a company in the telecom space. You believe you can help them to improve their service by tweaking their current technology to increase call and data quality and speed.

You might put together a presentation entitled, “The 5 Dangers Telecoms will face in 2012”. You then call up the company, ask to speak to someone in sales, or connect with someone on LinkedIn or at a networking event and tell them you have a completely free presentation that you’d like to offer them.

Put together an educational presentation that will provide value and new insights or ideas for your dream client.

Getting Their Attention

Also, tell them that you’ve been speaking with their competitors (drop a few names) and that you’d like to book a time with them too. (You don’t have to have presented at their competitors just yet, but by saying that you’re talking to their competitors it will sure get their attention. If their competitors are going to see this, they better see it right away. Plus it’s free!)

Now, be sure that your presentation is to the point, easy to understand and gives plenty of data, research findings and valuable information.

Provide Solutions

Make your point, in this case the dangers this big telco faces, and then you can tell them what the potential solutions would be.

Near the end of the presentation you tell them about your company and how you can help them to deal with these dangers.

Your foot is now in the door. You’ve given one hell of a presentation and you’ve made your case that this is an important issue that they should address. You’re now seen as an expert and the person they’d likely turn to for help.

That’s how you educate to profits.



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5 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: Offering Consulting Presentations

  1. Boye says:

    Cool write up. It works! Thank you.

  2. Michael – I use a similar approach. I offer free powerpoint presentations to potential clients in three target markets:
    1 – “financial fundamentals” for small business entrepreneurs
    2 – “managing change” for small business owners
    3 – “board effectiveness” for nonprofits

    Each of these modules offer real value to potential clients and open the door to possible future consulting services.

    • Oliver says:

      Hi George Slook

      I am based in South Africa. A year ago I started working with SMEs and NPOs and would be interested in your offerings. I would like to get into direct contact with you. My email is [email protected].

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