Marketing Mondays: Take Your Marketing Out of the Building

I’m sure there have been some scientific studies on this topic. If there haven’t there sure should be.

I’ve talked with enough professionals to know that the biggest fear most people face in the business world is taking action.

Well, actually, let me clarify that…

When I say “taking action” I don’t mean writing an article, fixing your website, making an advertisement, writing a consulting proposal – those are all important things – but they are what I call ‘building’.

By taking action I mean picking up the phone and setting meetings with prospective customers. Getting out of your office and meeting with potential buyers. And spending money on actual marketing and advertising.

By taking action I mean picking up the phone and setting meetings with prospective customers.

Consultants and business owners will do anything they can to delay doing these things, even though they know that they need to do them.

Here’s the thing. It’s understandable that many people find doing these things uncomfortable. Most people don’t like calling people they know out of the blue. Or requesting a meeting. Or spending their money. But that’s what separates the successful people from the ones that keep talking about success.

Want to make more money? Take out a piece of paper right now and write down all the things you KNOW you should do for your business but that you keep delaying for one reason or another (we all have them).

Once you’ve got that list, each day or a couple times a week, DO one of them. Don’t think about it….just do it!

The results will astound you.

Simple. Powerful.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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18 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: Take Your Marketing Out of the Building

  1. This “list” is burned into my brain. It’s been the topic of conversation all weekend. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Completely Agree with that. I know there is one thing
    that I keep putting off because it’s uncomfortable. But
    That’s how we grow.

    During my research about online business I’ve learned
    there are 3 phases to an online business

    Starting, Launching, and Growing

    Starting Phase: Is the setting up. Or like what you mention
    “Building” This is where most starting business get comfortable.
    They get ready to get ready. All important tasks but no going
    to make you any money.

    Launching Phase: Is promoting your offer and getting targeted
    traffic to your website. You also Network with potential partners.

    Growing Phase: Is tracking conversions, cutting what’s not working
    and adding new methods of traffic generation. Also when youโ€™re in
    this phase then are you able to go back and fix small things in your
    Start-up and growing phase.

    If start ups would focus on exiting the
    Starting phase ASAP and spend majority
    time, energy, and effort on growing phase
    activities. Then we would help to remove the
    habit of “Not Taking”

    Good post Michael I’m inspired to get on it.

  3. You must have been in my head… Yes I to struggled with that.. Thanks for the info.. Action speaks louder than words!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great post Michael and so on point! Here’s the funny thing, it’s something I always tell my clients yet something I STILL need to work on myself. LOL

    Definitely gotten much better at it, but I definitely can be doing things to play a much bigger game. It’s a work in progress.

    Really nice visiting your site… a friend sent me over. Glad he did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looking forward to reading more great stuff. Take care.

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