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Marketing Mondays: The Only 3 Ways to Increase Your Sales

There are only 3 ways to increase consulting sales. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, what kind of consulting you specialize in. There are only three…

Here they are:

#1 You can increase the number of clients you work with.

#2 You can increase the size of the sale to each client.

#3 You can increase the number of times a client buys from you.

Pretty straightforward, right?

It is. But it’s amazing how many business owners and consultants I meet that forget this timeless principle.

Before you spend time trying to come up with that next magical marketing plan, or planning that big PR blitz, be sure to ask yourself if what you’re doing is going to directly connect to one of the three ways you can increase sales.

If you’re looking to grow your business (I’m guessing you are because you’re reading this) it’ll be well worth your time to focus on each of these 3 strategies and brainstorm actions that you can take to address them.

Got questions?

Ask away in the comments below…


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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16 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: The Only 3 Ways to Increase Your Sales

  1. Mike–just starting out in the land of consulting (marketing/PR/communications). What would be at the top of your advice list to get things rolling?

  2. Islam says:

    Very simple
    To the point
    It give you the destination and let you discover the direction


  3. Anonymous says:

    To increase the number of clients you work with is to be considered when you got limited resource. This is a matter of Reach vs Frequency. I would plant 25 seeds and water 4 times each instead of planting 100 seeds with only one time watering each.

    By this Frequency strategy, I may increase the size of the sale to each client and then I can increase the number of times a client buys from me.

  4. I do a decent job of numbers 2 and 3, but get stuck at times picking up more clients (number 1). I find I tend get so caught up working with the same clients and providing additional services to them that when my schedule clears up, I realize I need to be devoting more time to coveting addiitional clients.

    • CJ – Thanks for sharing. An effective approach is to schedule a specific time each week or every 2 weeks (if you have a busy client load) to spen time working on generating new business and keeping the sales pipeline moving at all times.

  5. I love this Marketing Monday post! Getting new clients can be one of the more expensive ways to get new business (time-wise and marketing $-wise). I’ve been focusing on selling my current clients on larger packages. I added 3-month coaching packages, so I get money from clients 3 times rather than 1 time.
    Thanks Michael, always a pleasure!

  6. Great stuff on your site, looking forward to learning more from you! Today marks one week since I’ve started my own marketing firm! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello Micheal! I ‘ve been following business buzz for a few months; its always a great pleasure to hear and learn from you. Sometimes you just kick complex things in a very simple manner.

    I wanna discuss the situation where we know the product we are going to offer-keeping in view its non availability in the market, also you know your target segment-potential customers, but you don’t know how to reach them: because they might be so scattered that its almost impossible to filter them out of the whole. What could be the recommended steps to follow in that case.

    • Saheem – you’ll have to clarify that and provide more details for me to give you a better response. However, if you’re saying that you’re unsure of how to reach your target market because they are so scattered…that can often mean you’re going after the wrong market, or need to start with a smaller sample of that market. The key to marketing is to have consistent communications with your ideal clients. If the market is scattered, choose a new market, or focus your efforts on a piece of it to begin with and build from there.

  8. Femi says:

    I think this is an eye opener for me as a starter and, I am more enligthened from some Questions & Answers proffered by you. Thanks.

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