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Marketing Mondays: Tips to Demonstrate Your Expertise

Magical Monday! Grab your cup of coffee, glass of wine or whatever suits you best…

Social media provides many ways for business owners and consultants to ‘get out there’ and demonstrate their consulting expertise.

One powerful way to do this is through answering other people’s questions.

And doing it for free!

“What? Michael, you’ve always been against doing free work…” you say. Well, right you are my friend. In most cases I am. But as part of your total marketing strategy answering people’s questions can be well worth your time.

Social media provides many ways for business owners and consultants to ‘get out there’ and demonstrate their expertise.

Let me explain…

Have you ever heard of Gary V? That’s Gary Vay Ner Chuck! You know, the Crush It Man? Well, Gary is a marketing thought leader…and he built his Wine Library TV website (which in turn helped sell millions of dollars of wine at his family’s store) through making a name for himself by answering people’s questions and commenting.

Garry hit the wine forums and all the websites he could. He answered people’s questions and commented in a detailed and thoughtful way.

Guess what happened? People started noticing this guy. They saw that he knew his sh*t and they wanted to know more about it.

He was establishing his credibility.

Becoming an authority.

Making a name for himself.

Not selling wine? No worries. You can make this work for your business too.

People started noticing this guy. They saw that he knew his sh*t and they wanted to know more about it.

For example, jump onto LinkedIn and either join an appropriate group (check out Consulting Success’s group) and have a look at the LinkedIn in Answers area of the website. There you can engage with other professionals and start making a name for yourself.

A few guidelines:

Don’t be salesy – Don’t just jump into a conversation to promote something.
The more value you provide the more you’ll get noticed.

Add your name, company name and/or website address at the bottom of each reply. That way people can start to see your name.

You can do this on forums, LinkedIn, blogs and other websites. It’s good for marketing, branding, credibility building and it offers some SEO benefits.

Go and answer.



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pipeline of clients.

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14 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: Tips to Demonstrate Your Expertise

  1. tim says:

    It works. I’ve done it.

  2. Yup, I think I’ve watch almost every talk Gary’s done. He’s incredibly energetic, fun, & entirely Jersey. The strategy definitely works & it also helps you by forcing you to think & react to others questions.

  3. Ronny says:

    So true! Great post.

  4. That’s good thought to confirm though I fed up with all free answers/advice to some friends here and they still want all free all the time which seems waste of time. But I still agree with the post. Thanks…

    • Ko – definitely. There’s a difference between doing free work and building your authority and expertise status in a marketplace like LinkedIn where the exposure can be considerable. It’s a balance and there is a right way to approach it. Happy to share more if you’d like.

  5. Islam says:

    Great one. Very applicable
    I think I may dedicate 30 minutes daily to answer questions

  6. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. Been a crazy schedule this week.

  7. My prospects are often surprised and compliment me on giving “away the house.” I drive them to the point where they want to pay this as a compliment. At this point I always let them know the following:

    1. I do well and am not sale hungry. It is absolutely true. Also, keep in mind that if a salesperson sounds desperate (and all of us are in sales one way or another), chances of sales are slim.

    2. I only work with people/companies that value my service and their time and would prefer to higher a professional to address certain issues, rather than spend countless time trying to put together ideas that I have told them verbally.

    3. I do not mind if the prospect takes my ideas and runs with it. This is a blessing as we were NOT a good fit to start with. My ideal prospect has the money to spend and desire to hire a pro, not figure out how to add yet another 3 dozen items to their to do list.

    Although I do not have a large pool of clients (I am fairly new to the consulting world). My closing rate is 80%.

    Please remember that I say these things because they are authentic to me. If you do not feel and live the same philosophy, chances are you will not sound authentic and prospect may walk.

    • Sasha – great points! You are indeed correct. Novice consultants often fear giving away too much ‘valuable information’. The reality is, as long as you’re talking with the real buyer (the person that can write you a check), the chances of them going off and doing the work themselves is very slim if you’ve taken the time to qualify the buyer first.

      I’d recommend everyone to read the 3 points Sasha shared again.

  8. A great reminder this is. I know I need to get out there and participate more to establish some authority and join the conversations. As Chris Brogan says, “Always have something to sell, but don’t always be selling it.”

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