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Marketing Mondays: Why You Can’t Succeed Alone

Myth or truth: Professionals don’t need help because they are professionals?

This is common myth.

It’s understandable why people fool themselves into thinking this. If you’re such an expert in your area why would you need the help of someone else…you know it all already!

That’s just not how it works.

Here’s Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO on coaches:

Almost every expert in the world has a mentor or coach of some kind.

I know business consultants making millions of dollars every year that can’t talk highly enough about their own coaches!

These are coaches that have coaches!

Everyone can benefit from a support network. There is always something you can learn from others that have experience.

That’s because we all have different experiences.

Two highly skilled strategists will have slightly different skill sets, will have worked with different clients, and will have different experiences that they’ve gone through.

Sometimes you’ll sit down with your mentor or coach and talk to them about an issue you’re having. It could be about a challenging client situation, the trouble you’re having landing new clients, or dealing with a proposal you’re working on.

You’ve been having a lot of trouble with the issue. You see some solutions but you’re not sure which would be the best one to go with.

You talk with your coach and something magical happens. He explains the issues in a different way. He talks about the options with a slightly different angle to them. He suggests different approaches.

Now it all makes sense.

That’s what a support network is for. That’s how a coach can help you.

You don’t have to do everything yourself.

Achieving success in this business isn’t easy.

It becomes a lot easier when you have people there to help you.

Regardless of your current level of success and experience, getting help can make all the difference.

Getting help doesn’t show your lack of smarts, it demonstrates how smart you are!

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13 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: Why You Can’t Succeed Alone

    • Thank you Sasha. It’s great working with you, and there is a lot you could teach others as well!

  1. Markus says:

    This is a vvery important point and such a good one. Yes, we need all have someone to push us in the right direction and help keep us on track.

  2. Time and time again, the truth rings true that no man is an island. In a business, the insights of people you work with can be very valuable. Whether it’s a peer or a superior, you can get a brand new perspective on your goals and how to get to them. Indeed, different experiences can open up new paths to make the whole process more efficient and meaningful.

  3. Celia Bassols says:

    We’ve had so much help from others as a start up – much of it due to mentoring and coaching. I hope that the folks who read this take it to heart.

  4. thanks for this post..all your posts are like tools that are coaching me to become a better consultant..i really appreciate your posts

  5. Working solo shouldn’t mean working alone. Business leaders and experts need a healthy diet of other worldviews to keep our services relevant and realistic.

    Surround yourself with professionals who can fill the gaps in your relational capital (referral relationships) and intellectual capital (experience and expertise).

  6. To question what we already believe is the only way we can believe in something new. Open up our mind and our life becomes a schoolroom of constant learning. Only by this, we can grow and develop as well as we can.

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