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Marketing Through News and Talk Shows

Getting on local TV and especially radio is not as hard as you may think and it can be a great way to promote your business consultancy. As a marketing savvy consultant, you need to start thinking like this if you want to actually succeed in this game.

If you haven’t started marketing yourself via radio and TV, don’t fret. You can either start contacting various television shows and networks – which can be hard – until someone gives you a chance to make your case. And they’ll only let you do that if you have some value or interesting angle to add.

Let’s say that you’re a wedding consultant – and the news is covering the upcoming wedding expo in your hometown – you could contact them and offer your insight or to reveal some research you have on the industry.

If you don’t feel comfortable making this happen or don’t have the time, hire someone that can. A publicist or media consultant – anyone that has connections in this area or experience will be able to show you the ropes and get your message out there to make things happen.

The rise in local and national 24 hour per day news networks and talk radio has created aggressive media representatives who are anxious to scoop the marketplace. Like your consulting practice, these media figures need to stay ahead of the market. Yesterday’s news simply will not do.

To succeed with this type public relations campaign, you need to be newsworthy, so have topics and answers that establish you as an expert authority in your field. If you need to take speaking courses or image building seminars, get on board before you hit the airwaves. You may want have a go at speaking with your local news or newspapers before venturing out into primetime.

To build a media following, you will have to work at it. Follow reporter’s careers. Read their articles, listen to their shows and understand their point of view.

Be true to yourself and to your consultancy by sticking to what you believe and share your true opinion on matters. Don’t sugarcoat your message to win short-term favors – any dishonesty will come back to bite you on buttocks.

You are an expert. If your information points you to a contrary direction, that position may well be newsworthy. Just make sure you can support your opinion. Always have a command of facts and figures to support your claims.

As with marketing, first impressions last a long, long time. Once developed those impressions are difficult to change. If you are not prepared to be on stage and creating a memorable first impression, turn that interview down. Only use television or radio when the impression will be consistent with your overall marketing plan. I’m in no way suggesting that you go big or go home, but be sure to be prepared. Then you can hit it out of the park!


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2 thoughts on “Marketing Through News and Talk Shows

  1. The top producers in real estate only spend 5% of their time selling/listing real estate.Tthe other 95% of their time is spent Branding themselves as an expert ON real estate. Clients want to deal with winners in any field. Using self promotion such as radio & tv to standout as the “go-to-experxt” will get you more clients. Look at Donald Trump and Suzie Orman the masters of self promotion.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The 95% example figure you gave is another clear example of just how important the branding and promotion process is! Nice one.


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