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Marketing Your Consultancy Using 3rd Parties

When it comes to Marketing your consulting practice the old saying that any publicity is good publicity is not completely true – negative publicity can have dire consequences.

In this information age however, where information about literally any topic is available at the click of a button, making sure you build a network of third party publicity for your business can prove extremely valuable in building your consulting client base.

Avoiding negative publicity is often a simple matter of delivering on promises, not breaking any rules, and being as honest and transparent with your business as possible. Getting positive publicity can be a far trickier prospect. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Deal Directly with Editors
Industry publications, like most print media, are always looking for great content for their next issue, and are very likely to react positively to a submission regarding your industry. However, bear in mind that while interesting, informative articles about trends or developments are welcomed, editors will tend to ignore any submissions that are blatant self promotion.

If you plan to go this route, contact editors of publications in your niche, and propose an article, or even a series of articles, relating to key topics within that niche. You should also be promoting your articles through article marketing software like Unique Article Wizard (UAW)

There may be a professor or lecturer who deals specifically with your field, who you can approach, providing information and research, or even an offer to participate in a questions and answers or other session in their class. It is a bit of a long term investment, but those students may just become your clients one day.

Likewise, academic researchers often require large amounts of information on a particular topic. By offering your research materials and case studies to them, you may find your name included in the bibliography of their next research paper.

Approach Writers and Reporters
Freelance writers and reporters are also always looking for interesting material to turn into a newsworthy story, so if you do have something that you feel will be of interest to the public, why not approach them with the story. If it is worthwhile, it is a good way to get your name, and your quotes, into print!

There might be an author who is considered a guru in your field – you may even have read one or two of his or her books. Approaching these authors with an offer of assistance, or access to your research or case studies may be helpful, as they are often looking for information for their next book project.

Electronic Media
Blogs and forums are getting more prolific by the day. There are blogs and forums about every niche under the sun online, and finding on that relates to your field may be a great way to publicize your consulting practice online. Approach blog owners, and offer your services as an advisor, or even contributor. Being published online is a great, cost effective way to boost your expert status.

Marketing your consulting business in this way does require a lot of effort and involvement on your part, but it is more credible than advertising, which is purely commercial, and aside from time, has virtually no cost element. Try some of these methods, and start becoming a household name.


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