Mastery Coaching Program

Mastery Coaching Program
You're already a successful consultant earning well over 300k a year. Deep down inside you know that what has got you to where you are today won't get you to that next level of business and success you desire.

I was running a successful agency and wanted to shift from doing all the work for our clients to providing strategic advice. With Michael's help and the team at Consulting Success that's exactly what we achieved within a few short months. We've now sold several new advisory packages and have 5 more proposals in the works. Michael's suggestions pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. We're getting 3x more leads than before, we have a lead generation process in place that works consistently, and we're working with world-class clients as advisors in a leveraged way. Working with Consulting Success is an investment, but it's a very worthwhile one."

Andrew Kucheriavy, UXMC
CEO and Founder, Intechnic Corporation

I took what Michael taught me about focusing on the real problems that my clients have and made some changes to my approach compared to what we were doing before. That process was very helpful. So much so, that we used it to win new projects with 3 existing clients that will be worth an extra $1M for our company. My investment in working with Michael paid off right away."

Anton 'Tony' Mitchell
Quviant Management Group
Maryland, USA

The Mastery Program provides you with intimate and exclusive access to me directly.

I have worked with hundreds of consultants, not only beginners and those struggling to get their business off the ground, but dozens of extreme high performers whose accomplishments greatly exceed what ‘normal’ people consider to be possible. We work together 1-on-1 and focus on what you personally want to achieve. Your highest priorities.

Which can include increasing your revenues, creating a business model that supports the lifestyle you want, and growing your business.

I have significantly expanded my business and reach and increased my sales by 45%. Mike helps you to focus on the right things and build stronger value. Most importantly, he has given me great advice structuring more profitable offerings which also add better results for my clients. You have to keep working on it step by step and with Mike’s advice, you definitely get there faster. Thanks for the support."

Kate Caldecott
Kate Caldecott & Associates
Melbourne, Australia

My clients achieve significant results

1. A consulting business owner who was frustrated because of long sales cycles and endless RFPs, and didn’t feel he could take his business to the next level without hiring more staff re-packaged his offerings, adjusted how he positioned and presented them to his market and landed two new clients worth over $750,000 within 6 weeks.

2. One of my clients who was working in the healthcare industry was charging hourly fees; was frustrated because she always felt she was locked trading time for dollars and wanted to command higher fees. We laid out a clear path to make that happen and she began earning over 300% more with every client she took on.

3. A previous managing partner of a Billion dollar consulting firm desired greater growth in his own consulting practice. He had plateaued because he lacked an effective marketing system to win clients and was stuck with an out-of-date pricing model and couldn’t see a way around his current approach. Within 6 months he added over $350,000 in new business. The secret was in transforming his service positioning to communicate greater value, and asserting his authority with a marketing approach that puts him directly in front of high-level decision makers instead of throwing stuff at the wall and hoping that something would stick.

4. One of my clients was a high-flying executive and wanted to spend more time with her family. In 6 months she had exceeded her corporate income by 150% and is now only working 25 hours a week with plenty of family time. Initially she didn’t believe that she could replace her income while working less. She now has embraced a different mindset, because she sees greater potential and possibility in everything she does as a result of her success.

5. A consultant I coached went from earning $150,000 per year to over $600,000 with a 75% profit margin, working with clients from around the world that he loves, and being able to pay for his kids’ college and travel the world with his wife.

Do you Qualify for the Mastery Program?

Does your business make at least $300,000 per year?

Do you prefer working 1-on-1 over being in a group with other consultants? Do you sometimes feel as though you’re in a room full of poodles when you know that you’re a wolverine; do you often feel that the rank and file advice followed by most consultants will only get you banging your head on a ceiling?

Are you committed to challenging your beliefs, your paradigms, your models, are you willing to break things that don’t seem broken to you currently, and assert your authority at a higher level?

If you answer yes to all those questions, you may qualify.

When we first started, I'd say our average project was about $50,000. Since working with Michael we've increased that significantly. We just won our biggest project which resulted in about $450,000 in revenue growth. This was truly a great investment because the results have been proven and we see them ourselves."

Mario Houston
Precision Partners
Los Angeles, USA

What You’ll Receive With The 1-on-1 Mastery Program

1. Four Deep Dive Strategic Sessions with me. We’ll explore your current pricing model, how you deliver your services, break down and explore your marketing system, look at how you generate leads in great detail, how you manage your pipeline, your approach to follow up, your authority building strategy, and together dissect your business model and goals, and then build a highly-effective and practical plan to reach them.

2. Two high impact coaching sessions with me each month. On each call we’ll set specific high-value activities for you to work on and together we’ll track and optimize your progress to ensure you’re making strides and reaching your goals.

3. VIP access to our two annual events. These are live events with you, me, and a small group of highly successful consultants locked in a room for two days. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together on both days. The conversations you’ll have are life-changing. Not only do we go deep into productizing your service offerings, the latest best-practices in lead generation, positioning you as a world-class expert, and you get on the hot seat (where everyone in the room brings their collective experience and wisdom to helping you solve your most important challenges to unlock greater growth and success in your business); you leave the events with a clear plan of action. The two day events are held every six months in world-class cities like Tokyo, Mexico City, Vancouver, and Lisbon.

4. A special surprise gift shipped to your doorstep to celebrate and welcome you into the Mastery Program.

5. Access to all our latest trainings and programs, including our Best-Practices Consulting Vault, Private Client Q&A Forum, marketing trainings, templates and scripts. This isn’t just a pile of information for you to sift through. I personally walk you through and create a plan to show you which trainings and materials to use so you can start benefiting from them right away.

5. You will also have access to our inner circle for additional accountability and calls with our group of high-end elite consulting experts. You get priority to everything we do, including our network, connections and contacts.. I’ll help you in every way I can.

I only accept 5 consultants into the Mastery Program per year, space is extremely limited. The investment is $30,000 for 6 months (payment plan available).

I have increased my business by over 25% compared to last year and it looks like that number will increase at a higher rate going forward. I've been consulting for the last 13 years and have now been working with Michael for 6-7 months. He has really helped me to hone my messaging to clients, to get very clear on my target market, and to increase my fees by about 60%. t's been a great investment from my perspective. I look forward to continuing with it."

John Murphy
JM International
Southern France

The Mastery Program isn’t for everyone

It requires a certain level of courage and commitment.

You’re not only making a financial investment. You must be ready to invest your time, energy, focus, and set aside previous assumptions and habits which, while comfortable, entrap people in “been here done that” patterns and me-too sounding pitches to clients. When in fact clients need to sense a whole different level of energy from you.

Your business can create a level of freedom, flexibility, impact and income that most people only dream of. You can have it.

Apply to Work with Michael

To have Michael work with you directly as an executive and strategic marketing coach to significantly grow your consulting business email Sam ([email protected]) to schedule a call and confirm Michael's availability.