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Today’s guest post is written by one of our most active guest authors, Zeke Camusio of The Outsourcing Company. If you are doing any kind of Internet or Social Media Consulting, or you happen to run or manage a blog of your own this post is for you. Enjoy!
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Do you have a blog? A lot of people today do. It is a fun thing to do and a popular social networking means. However, a blog can also be a way to earn extra income. Did you realize you could make money from all that writing you’ve been doing? It is time to start taking advantage of it! First, if you already haven’t you will need to submit your blog to the several different blog directories online. Then, it is time to begin optimizing your blog so you can earn money! Here are the top five things you can do for better blog search engine optimization:

1. Use Lucrative Keywords.
Some keywords are very popular. So, the chances of ranking high are slim when someone searches for your site. However, when you use a keyword that is moderately popular, you have a good chance at ranking high when people search for the word. Although the keyword may not be the most searched on the Internet, when it is searched, chances are people might take a look at your site.

2. Keyword Placement.
You can set your blog up so that it repeats keywords enough times to establish a theme. Take advantage of this in your post titles, category names, URL names, tags, and the text of your permanent links.

3. Timely Posting.
Determine when it is best to post by looking at your web statistics. If you are getting spider visits every two weeks you can increase the spider visits by blogging around the same time you think the spider visits will happen again. It can be hard to predict when the date of your last spider visit was, so keep an eye out.

4. Frequent Updates.
The more often you post, the more content you have for the spider. It is possible that it will return more frequently to visit.

5. Get Linked.
Look into your site feeds. Use those links to promote your blog.

Follows these tips to better optimize your blog. You will be surprised how many more visitors you get on your site each day. It only takes a little bit of effort. And, soon, you will reap the rewards of your hard work!


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