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Our Mission for Consultants: Why We Do What We Do

By Michael Zipursky
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I was listening to an interview recently that got me thinking about what our mission here at Consulting Success® is.

It’s something I’ve thought about a lot, but this interview made me think I probably haven’t shared our mission with you.

And that’s something we need to do a better job of.

So let me share the mission we talk about internally:

At Consulting Success® we want to train, teach, mentor and help consultants all over the world become more successful. And we’re doing this through sharing actionable strategies, techniques, how-tos, stories and case studies, books and courses where consultants can learn best practices of what works in the real world of consulting.

Our gratification doesn’t come from just building a company that does this. It comes from the satisfaction that we feel when a consultant says, “Thank you, what I learned from your course helped me increase my confidence, taught me how to land more clients, and I am now enjoying a better lifestyle”. That’s what gets us pumped up. That’s where our passion is.

To this point, over 11,000 consultants from 80+ countries have used Consulting Success® materials to start or improve their consulting businesses and lifestyle at the same time. So let me take this moment to thank all of YOU for your support!

The more emails, comments and support we receive from consultants like yourself, the more it drives us to work harder for you.

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