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Mobile Manners Are Messed Up

Manner up! Seriously…there are way too many people these days that seem to have forgotten what having manners is all about.

They may tell you that they are married, but it’s like their phone has become their life partner.

Always by their side. Constantly looking at it….and playing with it.

Just the other day I was meeting with an entrepreneur. He’s successful. That’s great, but…

He’s asking me for my advice on a situation he’s in with one of his businesses. His phone rings, he takes it, and then talks…and talks…and talks some more. A few minutes later he wants to know how I can help him? Yeah, right. I’m going to spend my time helping you when you can’t even focus on our meeting.

Of course, if it’s an emergency I understand. If it’s family I understand. But it wasn’t…

I’ve met with large companies. We sit around their boardroom and start to talk strategy. There’s 5 of us. Four of us are talking, the CEO is playing on his phone every 2 minutes.

What does that say about him and the meeting? He doesn’t care. Doesn’t want to be there. The contents of the meeting must really be important, right? Yeah, right…If that’s the case, why is he even there.

What I find even more hilarious is when you see 2 or 3 people out at a cafe or bar having a drink.

One person gets a call, they take it.

The other then picks up there iPhone and starts sliding their fingers all over the place.

Next thing you know all 3 people are on their phones. I would have thought the goal of getting together was to socialize and enjoy each others company. So why are they doing something they could do locked up in their own room?

You’ll have to excuse my rant today…if there’s one thing you can take from it, I hope that when you’re at your next meeting you’ll be sure to give the person you’re meeting with your full attention.

It might not be a big deal in your mind to check your phone from time to time, or to take a call instead of saying that you’ll call that person back after your meeting (or even better let the call go and call them back after your meeting)…but it does say a lot about you. People notice ‘small’ things like this.

It’s like when you meet with someone and you’re looking into their eyes but they are looking away and all around the room as they talk…it’s not the best habit to get into.

Do you have any stories about bad manners you’ve experienced? Share them below in the comments.

To better manners all around!


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4 thoughts on “Mobile Manners Are Messed Up

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  2. You are completely right, Michael, and a great point it is.

    I think, that over the past years people got used to this anti-social behavior and therefore dare not take the bold action you took and walk out. CHAPEAU !

  3. I had been reading a few of the articles right here but everyone provide great information and I needed to leave just a little remark to support a person as well as wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for those your own blogging efforts.I truly appreciate the time you absorbed writing this article.

  4. Turning off you phone in meetings has to be a number one protocol, unless there is a potential family emergency. Even then quick glance soon tells you whose calling, then you can ignore it. It just common courtesy really.

    What's worse is discussing business in a public place (elevators are public places too) – you really don't know who is listening.

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