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"I took what Michael taught me and made some changes to my approach compared to what we were doing before. That process was very helpful. So much so, that we used it to win new projects with 3 existing clients that will be worth an extra $1M for our company. My invest in working with Michael paid off right away."
- Anton 'Tony' Mitchell. PMP, President, Quviant Management Group

"Within a few weeks of working with Michael I went from making $24,000 from one project to $64,000. I feel so much more focused and my team tells me they've noticed a big difference too. I have a lot more clarity around what I need to be doing each and every week with my marketing. Michael has really helped me to get results and I'm looking forward to significantly growing my business this year."
- Leonor Urena, Agile Coach and Trainer, Scrum Mastering llc

"Michael helped me to restructure my offerings and I now have the potential to make an additional $100,000 this year! Before working with Michael my only marketing method was letting my work speak for itself. As you can imagine that didnt get me very far because no one knew about it but my current client. Michael has given me marketing tools to build my business. His approach is systematic and repeatable which gives me the confidence that I will be successful in continuing to acquire more clients. I would say if you are serious about running a successful consulting firm then working with Michael is a must."
- Dauwn Parker, Principal Consultant, Precision Partners

"I just won another project and received DOUBLE the fee compared to what I would have before. That happened because of Michael's help. I'm learning new approaches and strategies to grow my business and have no hesitation recommending Michael's coaching program."
- Greg Van Hyfte, Principal, GrowthVisionHealth

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"Hello Michael, I just wanted to say thank you. I just landed my second 12-month consulting contract today worth $60,288. Your guidance is great and the crazy part is, I haven’t even finished implementing yet because I’ve been busy with work. (Which isn’t a bad thing. Lol.) I was able to implement some of your advice right away, and it already has shown a very nice ROI. THANK YOU!!"
- Matthew Feltner, Strategic Sales

"Your information just helped me land a client that will pay me in advance for a whole year!!I operate a one-woman consulting business and what you're providing here is the best I've found in getting feedback on issues of concern for me that I have trouble finding answers to anywhere else."
-Tammy L. Endlish, Owner, Endlish Enterprises LLC

"Hi Michael, I've just landed a new client and now charging 25% more than before! I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to be a successful consultant."
- Ron Jennings, Jennings Business Group

"Your strategy and approach gave us a 2,000% return on investment. You really know how to get results."
- Greg Samuels, Founder Cross Border Law

"I managed to secure a $7,000 client at an exceptionally reputable institution! And I got two inquires last night."
- Damien Wilpitz, Experimental Designs Consulting

I have worked with many top-flight professionals - both consultants and within firms - across several industries and business functions. I myself have significant achievements as a consultant at Fortune 500 companies. Michael rates among the top people I have worked with. Michael guided my thinking in critical marketing areas and the results produced breakthroughs."
- E. Alan Althardt, Althardt Consulting, LLC

"I took what Michael teaches and the first client I used this with closed with very little discussion! I’m waiting to hear back from the second client, and that one looks good, too!"

- Dani Long, Certified Global Business

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