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Mr. S’ Small Decision Has Big Business Impact

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The other day, one of my 1 on 1 coaching students (we’ll call him Mr. S) told me about a dilemma he was facing.

Since we started working together his business has really taken off.

You mentioned it would just be 2-3 hours of calls each month. But have you factored in the preparation time you’d need to make the calls truly valuable for your client?

That didn’t happen right away. However, when you look at where his business is now compared to 6 months ago it’s night and day.

Each time we talk Mr. S tells me about 2-3 new clients he’s picked up and he’s set on growing his consulting business to reach $1 Million+ in the next 1.5-2 years.

The problem for Mr. S right now isn’t getting new clients; it’s to structure his business so it’s streamlined to grow.

But Mr. S was facing a problem and asked for my advice.

A business owner in his client circle asked if Mr. S would coach him.

“How do you feel about that?” I asked.

“I’d love to do it. I’d be very good at it” said Mr. S.

“Do you have any concerns?” I asked. Here I was starting to get Mr. S to think about the situation from different angles.

“The business owner can’t pay that much, maybe $2-300 per call…”

Mr S. went on to tell me that this prospective client didn’t want to spend much money. But Mr. S really felt he could help him. The extra money is always nice. And it was just a few calls a month.

“What is your most important goal right now?” I asked.

“To grow my business and get more high-paying clients and then hire more staff…” said Mr. S

“Will coaching this business owner, even if you think you’ll enjoy it, help you to reach your goal?” I asked.

In the interest of his business, he was going to take the long-term approach and turn down this opportunity.

Mr. S said, “No, not really…”

“You mentioned it would just be 2-3 hours of calls each month. But have you factored in the preparation time you’d need to make the calls truly valuable for your client?”

“No, actually I haven’t…” said Mr. S.

“You know Mr. S..” I said, “there’s something else you need to consider as well. When you work with coaching clients not only will your time and energy be spent during the actual call and preparation before the call and then after the call organizing and fine tuning your notes…your mind will also start thinking about this client when you’re in bed, going for a walk, in the shower and so on…have you thought of that?”

“No, not at all. That’s true…” Mr. S was starting to look at this situation differently.

I went on to ask Mr. S what was holding him back from making a decision.

He then said that at first he was really confused. But now the decision was clear.

In the interest of his business, he was going to take the long-term approach and turn down this opportunity.

Each and every one of us can benefit from getting an outside perspective from time to time. Especially when that perspective comes from someone that’s been in the same situation as you have at one time or another.

In Mr. S’s case, the decision might seem relatively small. But peel back the onion and take a deeper look. Each new client project Mr. S brings in is worth 10x more than the coaching client might have been.

Not only that, Mr. S can now use the time he may have spent thinking about his coaching client and working with them to focus on getting more consulting clients that pay him more and hire more staff to grow his business.

Small decision? Only at first glance. The impact of Mr. S’ decision could in fact be $100,000+ if not more for his business.

That’s the power of having someone help you get outside your business and look at things in a different way.

I currently have 3 slots I’ll be opening up over the next two weeks for coaching. If you’re determined to grow your business but don’t know how or what to do…or if you’re looking for support to help you get there more quickly, go here and let me know.



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9 thoughts on “Mr. S’ Small Decision Has Big Business Impact

  1. greg batte says:

    I don’t know, Zig Ziglar, one of the most successful motivational speakers of all time started out speaking to small groups for free.

    • Greg – thanks for the comment but I’m not sure what you mean as this article doesn’t look at speaking. There are many articles on the site here about that, and when you’re getting started as a speaker, taking on opportunities, even unpaid ones can be a great way to get your foot in the door…build up confidence, experience and the network to move to bigger speaking opportunities.

  2. Karin says:

    Some good points here, sometimes we consultants take the now cash vs. focusing on the long term opps.

    • Karin – glad you enjoyed the article. Choosing where to put the limited time we all have is an important decision we all need to make. It’s not always easy, but staying focused on the goal and turning down other opportunities that (while may look good) take us away from our major goal is critical to success.

  3. Alice says:

    I agree with Greg.

    Plus, there is that one time type of client that if helped will give your motivation a real punch, which will then help sustain current and future client base.

    What you get out of your clients is not always about money. Long term “healthy “success is about people, empathy and other similar aspects. In whatever business field you are – sell products or services – you need people – at all levels.

    Secondly, except if you have your crystal ball handy – you have no idea where that guy will be in 10 or 20 years from now on.

    One last thing – a smart consultant will know how to manage his/her time from initial briefing to delivery and accommodate clients.

    • Alice – valid points. Except in the case of Mr. S he already has a solid and growing business. He’s confident and has no lack of motivation. He wouldn’t be rude to his client (when saying ‘no’ to this opportunity) and in fact, his client is still his client, he just decided not to spend more time doing coaching for the client because that’s not his highest point of leverage…and it would take his focus and time away from reaching the major goal he’s after.

      Each of us needs to decide what is right for each of us. What’s important is having a clear goal and then working towards it…even if we have to say ‘no’ to things that might be nice and enjoyable, and even if we feel bad doing it.

  4. Arnold says:

    mind-opening article @MichaelZipursky:disqus truly appreciate it, we waste lots of time doing things that have little if any contribution in our long term goals. Thanks!

  5. George Gwananga says:

    I must say am humbled by the experience av had since i started following your articles ,av learnt alot and al continue learning coz with this pace am headed in the right direction .you may not know what seed you have planted but be asured its great work you are doing.God bless you big time.

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