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On Growth and Stagnation


If you want to be great, stop focusing on your weaknesses.

Each and every one of us has strengths and weaknesses.

Focusing on your strengths establishes a confident mindset filled with possibilities and opportunities.

Focusing on your weaknesses turns something weak into something average.

Focusing on your strengths turns something strong into something exceptional.

Our minds can only think one thought at a time.

Focusing on your weaknesses establishes a weak mindset filled with doubt and negativity.

Focusing on your strengths establishes a confident mindset filled with possibilities and opportunities.

This is a choice we all have, and that we all make.

Are you aiming for average or exceptional?

Do you wish for confidence and growth or doubt and stagnation?


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pipeline of clients.

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10 thoughts on “On Growth and Stagnation

  1. Brad_Lloyd says:

    Focusing on my unique talents and outsourcing everything else is where I stand.

  2. Isa says:

    I’m aiming for exceptional and I wish confidence and growth. I’m placing the bar really high and it feels great, especially since I found what I want to do. I can already see results. As you said it’s a choice, a decision, a comitment. Seems too easy to be true 🙂 thanks for your great articles Michael, always a wonderful inspiration. Can’t wait to say hi soon in your beautiful city.

  3. saywhat says:

    A focus on just your strengths can be limiting. Focusing too much on just your strengths can lead to you having “blind spots” by overdoing or misapplying your strengths because you depend on them so much. Once this occurs, these strengths are no longer strengths. The REAL SKILL comes in identifying when and where your strengths would be ideal and when their not. Tap into new strengths and development them OR partner with people that have the strengths that you don’t. A strength is nothing more than a behavior that has been practiced many many times over whether you realize it or not. This is just my opinion…thank you!

  4. doejimz says:

    I totally agree. Have you experienced working in a company and think you know everything about it? There’s no challenge anymore and you feel bored. That’s is stagnation.

    I don’t know how you called it but within just 1 and 8 months, I already quit my job as General Manager. Most of my friends and my bosses are surprised with my decision.

    Why did I quit?

  5. Great article Michael. People so often focus on what they can’t do, they never get around to what they can do.

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