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Online Marketing for Your Consulting Business

You may not know this, but online marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing choices globally. As a consultant, your computer is probably the most important tool in your business. That’s the same for people the world over. People work, shop, bank and socialize online, so there’s plenty drawing them to the web already.

The reasons for this growth in the popularity of internet marketing are clear. It’s a low cost, effective way, to reach millions of potential clients. In addition, it’s pretty easy to do too!

Of course, your website is the backbone of your online marketing campaigns, but getting people to view it is the actual goal of online marketing. That can be achieved in one of these ways:

Write and Publish Articles
Article marketing is a growing trend online, and with good reason. Gathering information is still one of the top uses for the internet, and writing intelligent, interesting and useful articles can be a great way to channel those information seekers to your site.

Your articles could be on anything to do with your industry, and most article directories allow you to include a tagline and description at the end of the article, including your website.

Consider, for example, if you are a financial consultant. You could write an article on five tips that people could use to save on taxes. Once they’ve read the article, those people wonder what else you can do for them, and visit your site. Prospective client.

If you are doing article marketing one of the best services on the market currently is the Unique Article Wizard service. We have personally used it and it’s great! But if you are serious about you SEO campaign it is well worth every penny.

Start a Blog or a Newsletter
Blogs are big news, and a great way to keep the content on your site fresh, which impacts on your pagerank, while delivering news to your visitors. The best, most simple, and free way to get started with blogs is with or

Your blog is an opinion-based text, so you could write about industry developments, personal experience, or advice. Whatever strikes your fancy, as long as it’s interesting, useful and well written.

Newsletters perform the same function, however, remember to always use opt in emailing lists, that you have built yourself, or you may be accused of spam!

Comment on Forums
Joining and commenting on industry related forums can be a great way to find potential clients. It’s a quick way to establish yourself as an expert, if the comments you leave are insightful and offer good advice, and this may entice other forum users to contact you, or visit your site.

Social Networks
Aside from true social networks, such as Facebook and Myspace, which allow you to create a page, also a great marketing tool, professional networks such as Linkedin and Konnects are a great place to meet prospective clients.

Alternatively, you could build your own network on Ning or another social network building platform.

Email Campaigns
Email is another great way to reach prospects. Compiling a database, and using a mass email program to send a special offer or introduction to potential clients is a lot cheaper than the same campaign by traditional mail!

Plus, because you can request a read receipt, you can identify those who’ve actually read your email!

Hosting a free webinar is another great, cost effective way to market your business. Sharing your knowledge, either with a selected group, or as an open webinar, increases your credibility, establishes you as an expert, and can bring in valuable business!

Whatever way you use the internet in your consulting business’s marketing efforts, make sure you do use it. It is a great resource, and can have a very positive impact on your overall marketing efforts.


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