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Optimization Coaching

Invitation to the Clarity Coaching Program “Optimization” Level

The Clarity Optimization Program Includes:

Prerequisite: Invite only, success mindset, and successful completion of 8 week Clarity program

Regular Monthly 1-on-1 calls with Michael Zipursky to work on:

  • Scaling, productizing and systematizing your consulting business
  • Increasing your fees and building your authority status
  • Automating your lead generation strategies
  • Fine tuning and improving your marketing engine
  • And much more

Annual Strategic Planning Session along with Quarterly Review Sessions to set and ensure you reach your goals

Brainstorming and mindset calls with Sam Zipursky where you work on:

  • Brainstorming your business & strategic goal setting
  • Mindset coaching and productivity

Never feel alone. Dial in for the Weekly Q&A consulting calls with Michael and the community of other consultants.

Access to the latest best practices, strategies and training videos and resources - continuously updated

Get 24/7 access to the private consulting Forum, post your questions and get answers from Michael and other successful consultants - even those in our highest level program

Access to the Clarity community of entrepreneurial consultants, high level performers, and success mentors.

You’re guaranteed to at minimum double your return on investment within 12 months in the program, as long as you follow the recommendations you receive and take action over the year - we’ll keep working with you on our own dime until you do.

Don’t Just Take our Word for it, Listen to what these Entrepreneurial Consultants are Saying about Optimization

Kristen Gallagehr
Founder and lead consultant
Elliot Begoun
Founder & CEO
TIG Brands
JT Badiani
Focused Improvement Group
Dauwn Parker
Founder and lead consultant
Precision Partners

Program Investment:

Keep the momentum going and join the Optimization program to really take your business and success to the next level.

By continuing into Optimization the investment is only $1950 per month (Regular fee is $2.5k/month).

This is more than 65% less than the monthly fee of Clarity coaching.

*Stop at any time, we simply ask for 30 days notice in the event of any change.

2 Common Questions Clients Ask:

Q: I have a solid foundation and lots on my plate for now, shouldn’t I just do that first and join the program back later?

A: The most successful consultants know, that the greatest results and benefit come from coaching long-term. Getting your initial foundation in place during the 8 weeks is important. Our coaching clients that are really crushing business, generating lots of revenue and scaling up have been with us 1, 2, 3, and even 4 years. They always have lots on their plate and are busy, but they continue to invest in coaching month after month so they can get the guidance, coaching and high level strategy from Michael, support of the community, and ability to get any questions around pricing, marketing, authority building and have their proposals reviewed. Optimization provides you with peace of mind so you’re not alone in building your business.

Q: I'm not generating much revenue yet, shouldn’t I wait until I have more clients and revenue to continue?

A: Having personal coaching, support and guidance ensures you’ll get there faster than trying to figure it out yourself. We’ll be working with you to support you in getting more clients and growing your revenue as that is the number 1 priority. Because you’ll land clients faster and win bigger projects your investment will provide you with a positive ROI. It’s not short term cost, it’s an investment in your potential and future success.