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Package and Position Your Consulting Services to Earn Higher Fees

By Michael Zipursky
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I want to share with you how you can package and position your services to increase your fees and earn more with every project you take on.

Just throwing it out there

I was recently speaking with several international tax consultants to look at getting some help in certain areas of our business. One thing that I saw consistently across the board – that I’ve seen with so many consultants – is that they just put out their hourly rate.


I had one international tax accountant tell me, “I charge $450. If you want to come in to talk about your issues, then we can do that. I lower my initial rate, my hourly rate for that first consultation but my fee is $450 an hour.”

What I mean by that is, that if you just stick to an hourly rate, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Now, to some people, $450 an hour might sound like a premium.

However, it’s actually not.

The trouble with numbers

What I mean by that is, that if you just stick to an hourly rate, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

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$450 an hour actually sounds like a lot. And for someone to actually make $450 an hour, to many people, that sounds like a big figure. But the problem is that when you just come out and say that your fee is $450 an hour, it doesn’t convey a lot of value.

It doesn’t really give you a compelling reason to buy from that person.

What I want to do is offer you a couple of ideas that will not only help you to earn higher fees, but also help you to win more business because buyers will see them as higher value.

In this case specifically, what could this international tax accountant have done?

Get more bang for those bucks

If you’re a consultant watching this right now, what can you do if you’re currently using an hourly fee? What can you convey greater value and win more business? Well, the first thing is to think about creating a program.

Rather than saying, “My hourly fee is $X,” $450, $250, $500, $1,000,” create a program. Create an offer. If this international tax accountant had said, “You know Michael, I have a specific program where I will take you through these things, one, two, and three, and the fee for that is $1,500,” I would have been much more compelled. I would have felt much more attracted to that offer.

However, all he said was, “My fee is $450 an hour,” which sounded like a premium fee to me, but it didn’t give me much of a reason to take action on it. Because right away my mindset shifts to thinking, “every hour that I use you costs me $450!”

And I wasn’t seeing the value in that.

The second recommendation that I have for you actually is connected to another story.

Just this morning, I was speaking with a new consulting client of mine who is going through my Accelerator coaching program (Note: the program has since been upgraded and the new name is the Clarity coaching program). We talked about what they’re doing right now. They’re currently generating a little over $200,000 a year but they want to grow. They’re feeling like they are spending too much time working on client projects, not enough time near their family and their loved ones and in their local area because they’re traveling so much. What did we do?

We looked at their current situation, which has them charging on an hourly and daily basis. My recommendations to them – and to you – are to shift and transition away from charging on an hourly basis/daily rate basis and, instead, focus on the value and the results that they are creating.

As soon as you do that, a whole host of opportunities and options come in front of you.

As you deliver more value for your clients, you too can then capture a lot more of that value in terms of your compensation.

For this specific client, we were able to create two new business models on that call that will now allow them to reach $400,000 and double their business in the next couple of months. Then going forward, another model that will actually help them to generate $900,000.

Now, the interesting thing about both of these models is that they will require a lot less travel – and, actually, a lot less work in the business that this consultant will need to do.

Again, the two recommendations, just to summarize here for you; if you want to increase your fees:

  1. Move away from your hourly fee or your daily rate is by creating packages, or by creating a program for your services that conveys a lot more value.
  1. And then to again shift away from the hourly and daily through the second approach, which is to communicate significantly more value in everything that you do.

Focus your communications with buyers and clients around the value that you will create for them. Show them that value – instead of just saying what your fee is. That will allow you to charge significantly more because you are creating more for them.

As you deliver more value for your clients, you too can then capture a lot more of that value in terms of your compensation.

Think about how those two steps can play into what you are currently doing and ask yourself, “can I benefit from one of them? What steps do I need to take right now to start seeing those results in my own business?”

When you do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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