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Personality in Consulting

Much of the consulting industry has no personality. An average flock of consultants exudes little to no personality. Why not be the exception?

At a time when many are afraid to pick up the phone and avoid as much face to face contact as they can, email stands out as the first point of contact you can let your personality shine.

What does this mean? When you write an email to someone write it as if you’re talking to them. Don’t start with “Dear Mr. Archibald.” Not only does that sound dry it’s about as warm as the Arctic in summer.

The only time you require real formality in your writing is if you’re submitting correspondence to a government agency for a bidding process.

Marketing is what drives all business and consulting is no different.

One of the key principles in marketing is Differentiation. And that all comes down to standing out from the pack and it’s what personality is all about.

Put some energy into your writing. Make sure your passion shines through. And don’t be scared to give your opinion. Most business owners don’t want information, they want recommendations based on your experience. So a bit of ego, not too much and never to the point of being overtly rude, shows confidence.

Remember, you’re writing isn’t meant to please the Queen. It’s meant to stand out, get your message read, and ultimately to be acted on.

Personality in consulting  makes you stand out – and that’s a good thing. If you’re not letting yours shine through already…give it a try.


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