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A Challenge For You: 10 Calls to More Consulting Clients


I’d like to offer you a challenge in order for you to get more consulting clients.

Trust me; it will be well worth your time.

Here is the challenge:

This week, pick up the phone and call 10 new prospects. People you believe would be your ideal consulting clients.

If you can meet with them, that’s even better. But have 10 interactions.

Don’t feel pressured. You don’t need to make a sale.

In fact, it’s totally cool if you don’t.

Wipe away that stress and fear you have.

No one is expecting that these calls lead to anything.

The calls aren’t sales calls.

They are simply to connect with your ideal clients and talk to them about their business.

Ask them questions about their problems, challenges and goals.

And if you think you can help them, let them know that you can and offer to arrange a time to talk further about that.

Here’s the thing about this challenge.

You can’t put it off. It has to happen now.

I’m sure you have lots of other stuff going on.

That you can come up with plenty of reasons why not to do this.

And why “now isn’t the right time.”

That’s your decision…

This challenge is for YOU if you want to grow, expand your potential and make the most of the possibilities all around you.

This challenge is one that I make to many of the consultants in my coaching program.

And the results are nothing short of amazing for those that take it on.

Are you ready to take this challenge on?

If yes, let me know in the comments below or commit to it on our Facebook page here.


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10 thoughts on “A Challenge For You: 10 Calls to More Consulting Clients

  1. Errol says:

    I will do it! You are speaking directly to me Michael!

  2. Alex H says:

    Hi, I try and make calls but I can never get through to people. Just feels like a very unproductive task. Do you mean speak to 10 people on the phone, if so, that probably means 50+ calls

    • Hi Alex, yes, 10 calls with 10 real people. Here’s the thing. They don’t have to all be prospects. Some can be past clients, current clients or even people in your industry. Sure, you might not get everyone you want on the phone right away – take action and try to reach as many people as you can and have a clear goal for each call.

  3. Tim says:

    Currently presenting at a conference. This advice comes at an opportune time. Appreciate all the advice you are willing to share. I have been following you for just under a year and your strategies are starting to open doors for me.

  4. Kevin Martin says:

    Sometimes It’s kind of frustrating when you call them because, although you know you can help them as they are clearly doing things wrong, all they do is answer ‘i got it covered’.. ‘i’m not interested’.. ‘no soliciting’..

    But hey, got to make the calls anyway, and keep your guard up, who knows who will answer next.

    By the way, great post Michael.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Kevin. Think about the calls not as ‘sales’ calls, rather as conversations to check in and see if there is room to have a conversation. If there is, great. If not, move on.

  5. S Venugopal says:

    I have taken the challenge. I just started my consultancy in Oman and needed badly this piece of advice Michael. Yes, you showed me

    the way. Thanks Michael.

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