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A Practical Look at Keyword Research

Today’s guest post is written by Zeke Camusio of Digital Aptitude. This time around Zeke breaks down some of the science behind keyword research. Use these gems on your own PPC campaigns, website or blog content, and of course when consulting clients on their next web project. Enjoy!
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Anyone who has read about keyword research in the context of search engine optimization or search engine marketing would think that a highly competitive keyword is one that has a large search volume. That is however a naive assumption. Professional online marketing consultants and entrepreneurs would know that a great keyword takes a lot of effort to find, as it also brings with it a lot of advantages for your business.

Not Just Part of Keyword List

First off, a keyword is not just a word taken from a list of words that you can use for your PPC campaign. A good keyword has search traffic to consider as well as the competitive analysis that goes with it. One significant point is that you can focus on a phrase or keyword that has considerable traffic with only a few competing sites. That is better than trying to rank with a keyword that has about 500,000 sites that are competing for the same phrase.

You also need to come up with keywords that have competitive bid information that would help lower your sales and the advertising cost as well as increase your conversion. If you do not choose the right keyword in a PPC campaign you will spend a lot of money on non converting terms.

Negative Keywords

There are such things as negative keywords, and contrary to the name, they bring with them a number of good things. These negative keywords are powerful tools to use in your search advertising campaigns. These wonderful words do one thing and it’s a major one; they tell the advertisers when not to show the ads, such as when the keyword is ambiguous in meaning or when it is used merely as part of other more popular searches.

When you type in “cookies” for edible “cookies”, for example, you don’t want to see the term “web cookies” which is a totally different term. If you are an online advertiser, it is even more significant that you would device a way for your chocolate chips cookies ad to show up for people who are looking for information on cookies for eating and not for Internet data filing. There is a way to do that with the help of some great keyword research tool.

Implementation Will Be Futile

It is said that the right keyword can bring in high traffic to any business site. This traffic more likely results to a significant percentage of purchases. The best thing about it is if you are able to come up with a great keyword, you only spend a certain percentage of your traditional advertising budget for high traffic and sales.

The drawback is once you have not picked the right keyword, no matter how great your implementation techniques are, everything will be a huge waste of resources.

Will Help You Find the Right Audience for Your Site

When you have keywords that are highly targeted and very specific, the more likely it is that you have site visitors who are in need of your product or service and not just someone who has an incessant surfing habit.

These are some of the main reasons why a good keyword is often considered an ensured return of investment.


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