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Make Print Advertising Work for Your Consulting Business

There is a certain amount of consulting egotism that goes into advertising. This is especially true with printed publications such as newspapers and magazines. Some consulting practices like to see their ads … and it is easy to lose sight of your goal in all the glitter and excitement that can accompany a published advertising campaign with your brand or logo featured prominently.

Be wary of this syndrome and stick to your guns. Your corporate consulting business cannot afford ego trips. You expect and must demand results.

You know that advertising in a newspaper or a magazine is expensive. You know that the viewing is extremely short-lived. Yet, effective newspaper advertising does generate reach and the same can be said for targeted magazine advertising, but the challenge for the marketing consultant is how to effectively craft and target your message to your prospective clients.

Given the expense of this form of advertising, much research should be performed to assure the maximum return on the advertising dollar.

As a consultant above the rest you’re armed with a marketing plan and have identified what your target market looks like – what their ‘profile’ is.

You should be able to determine what publications these prospects read. If you will use publication advertising, go where your prospects are. Always remember that advertising is for leads, not for image and forgettable cleverness. Any ad that does not generate leads is a drain to simply flush down your marketing budget.

Maximize the Return
While advertising in a newspaper or magazine can be a hefty expense, these same publications may be very interested in your consulting expertise. In some cases, they may even be prepared to pay for it.

Nothing could be better than to write articles for a publication that targets your prospects. You may invest considerable time and effort to draft an informative masterpiece, but if handled correctly you gain targeted exposure, name recognition and interest in your consultancy’s product.

The risk for most consultants is that their articles tend to send mixed messages. Articles should be informational and filled with relevant data. You must be careful not to co-mingle your informational content with a sales message. Let your contact information do your legwork and let your content make prospects want to connect with you.

Every component of your marketing plan must always be in sync. If your consulting firm is generating published articles, make sure they are consistent with your internal and external message. The key goal, as always, is for your consulting business to find ways to connect with your prospects. And in this way, whether you’re writing an article for a publication or submitting a lead generation ad, be sure to make a ‘call-to-action’ whereby you implore your prospects to make contact with you – whether to request a free report, more information or make a purchase.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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