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The Consultants Naming Guide: How to Name Your Consulting Business Successfully


The Consultants Naming Guide has been discontinued. To become a better consultant, please see our new program...

We are happy to announce our most comprehensive consulting program to date called "Momentum". Momentum is the proven implementation system for early-stage consultants.

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Consultants Naming Guide

"A goldmine of practical information. The ebook is well written and provides clear actionable examples."
-Guido Picus, Advisor, Expandeer

"I find your book very interesting and have already learned a lot. I wished I had known about this before."
-Ines Almeida, Consultant

"I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of this information."
-Rick Westgate, Consultant

Many of you asked for it and we're excited to share that we've now developed a detailed guide to help you create an effective name for your business.

If you need a Consultants name now, this is the guide that will show you how to come up with one that is memorable, unique, and positions your business for success.

Regardless of your industry or how many years you've been in business, the Consultants Naming Guide has everything you need to develop your company name.

We've conducted research and interviews, gathered information from all sources and have compiled only the best and most valuable information for you.

The Consultants Naming Guide has five chapters, including...

Chapter 1: What's in a Name?

  • Learn why choosing the right name is so important for your business
  • The main naming categories and how they will influence people's perception of you
  • Why all names are not alike and how to choose the right one
  • How to avoid the most common naming mistakes

Chapter 2: Creating Your Name

  • When to seek outside help and how to tackle it on your own
  • How to evaluate the marketplace when deciding your name
  • Develop a strong brand positioning for your company name
  • A strategic approach to picking your name
  • How to select the most effective name for your business

Chapter 3: Legal Considerations and Beyond

  • Dealing with trademarks and protecting your name
  • How to ensure your name is available
  • Online branding and using your name on the internet
  • Incorporating taglines and logos into your brand and name

Chapter 4: Naming Case Studies

  • This section includes 10 case studies in several industries and teaches you great lessons in avoiding mistakes, doing things right the first time, and having a name that will benefit your business.

Chapter 5: Naming Resources

  • How to use Name Generators
  • A list of the most popular naming companies
  • The best trademark and domain registration companies
  • These resources will save you time and money

Don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong name for your business. Follow the Consultants Naming Guide and learn how to do it right the first time.

"You've provided a great roadmap to become a successful consultant"
-Ron Jennings, President, Jennings Business Group

"Your materials are fantastic! They are just the kind of literature that I really needed."
-Ramon Enriquez, Consultant

"Very practical and comprehensive. well worth the investment and a great aid in getting started. Thanks!"
-Brad Carter, Owner, Inspire Action

Guaranteed Naming Success

We're so confident that you'll find the Consultants Naming Guide the best resource in creating your company name that we guarantee it. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with everything you learn in this guide, simply send us an email and we'll refund your payment, no questions asked. Your satisfaction is that important to us.

Instant Access

You'll get access to the Consultants Naming Guide immediately after purchase. Once your payment has been made you'll receive an email that will provide you with special access to get the Consultants Naming Guide. And it's delivered as a digital book so that you can read it on your computer, tablet device, or even print it out - whatever is most convenient for you.