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The Management Consulting Blueprint

The Management Consulting Blueprint cover.How to use consulting tools and systems to bring more structure to your consulting work, improve your confidence and deliver bigger results for your clients.

  • Have more confidence in your work using the same tools that successful consultants use.
  • Bring structure and a proven process to your consulting projects.
  • Easily demonstrate measurable results to your clients.
  • Make the consulting process more efficient and effective.

About the Course Author

Aarni HeiskanenThe Management Consulting Blueprint was written by Aarni Heiskanen. Aarni is the president of AE Partners, a European consulting firm, and has been a consultant for over 10 years. He's worked with a range of companies, from 2-person marketing firms to billion dollar construction companies, banks and technology manufacturers with over 20,000 employees. Aarni is also the co-founder of Thinking Portfolio, an online product for project management and strategic management. Throughout his career he has developed many consulting tools which have allowed him to streamline his company and turn it into a very profitable consulting business. In the Management Consulting Blueprint Aarni shares with you his secrets to success and the tools he uses to grow his and his clients' business.

Member of Finnish Management Consultants Association

Aarni's Certifications and Leadership in the Industry

  • Management Consultants’ Association LJK, member, Since 2002
  • Certified Management Consultant CMC, since 2004
  • Management Consultants’ Association LJK, board member, 2005
  • Chairman, IT chapter of the Finnish Architects’ Association, 1987-1989
  • Chairman, Finnish Chapter of International Facility Management Association (IFMA), 1994
  • Member of National Technology Agency (TEKES) COMET Advisory Group, 1996-1998
  • Qualified technology strategy consultant, National Technology Agency, Since 2000

17 Consulting Tools and a Complete Management Consulting Guide

Inside the Management Consulting Blueprint you'll learn how to become a more successful management consultant with these tools:

  • #01

    Strategic Profiling: This tool allows you to quickly figure out how well your client is differentiating its products and services from the competition.

  • #02

    Concise Business Model: A powerful yet easy to use tool that helps you discover the true value your client is offering to the market, and helps to guide you to create more value for their business.

  • #03

    Problem / Opportunity Analysis: Use this tool to identify the biggest opportunities and challenges your client's business currently faces or may face in the future so you can lead them in the right direction.

  • #04

    Workshopping: Learn how to setup workshops with your clients to receive direct feedback that is extremely valuable for the work you'll be doing with them.

  • #05

    Value Mapping: This tool helps you develop a killer value proposition for your clients' business.

  • #06

    Process Mapping: The most effective way to put each step of a project, customer experience or strategy into visual form that clients always appreciate seeing.

  • #07

    Interviewing: There is a right way and a wrong way to conduct client interviews for a consulting project. Learn the right way and receive the true benefits a proper interview can offer you.

  • #08

    Alternatives Evaluation: In every project you'll encounter many options. Coming up with them is the easy part. Deciding which one will be the most effective and generating a consensus around it with your client is the hard part. This evaluation tool will help you to make the right decision and build consensus.

  • #09

    Strategy Process: "Strategy" is a commonly used word with the true meaning of it often misunderstood. Use this proven method to develop a concrete strategy for your clients.

  • #10

    Business Model: A business model takes the ideas of a business plan and puts them into visual form. The model helps you and your client get a complete picture of the business - and is extremely helpful for planning and guiding the success of your consulting project.

  • #11

    Process Modeling: Use this powerful tool to see how your clients' business operates now and how it will operate after the results you are working towards have been achieved.

  • #12

    Portfolio Analysis: This analysis provides you with an evaluation you can use to discover your clients' strategic assets and define all of the existing projects they have going on in the business. This always unearths valuable results.

  • #13

    Business Case: This tool will help you to capture the reasoning for starting a project or initiative and will allow you to identify both the quantifiable and unquantifiable characteristics of a proposed project.

  • #14

    Project Benefits Mapping: Not everyone in your client's organization will agree with your recommendations. With this tool you will be able to map out the benefits of your recommendations for all to clearly see. Making your recommendations much easier to accept.

  • #15

    Roadmapping: Creating a roadmap allows you to map the strategy and actions to be taken throughout the project and is an integral part of every successful consulting assignment.

  • #16

    Presentations: You will need to give many presentations throughout your career as a consultant. Learn how the most successful consultants present by using this tool.

  • #17

    Mind Map: This is a highly effective tool for getting ideas out of your head and putting them into an organized visual form. Great for presentations, strategy and planning.

The Management Consulting Blueprint is delivered instantly upon purchase and comes with:

  • The 161 Page (PDF) Manual including every tool and detailed explanations on how to use them.
  • 7 Over-the-Shoulder Videos showing you step-by-step how to use the most powerful tools.
  • Excel and Word Templates that you can edit and use as your own on client projects.
  • The Consulting Tool Cheat Sheet that makes it easy to select the right tool for your project.
  • Free Lifetime Updates we'll email you when new consulting tool videos and templates are available.

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