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The Leading Course on How to Become a Successful Consultant

Landed a new client and now charging 25% more than before! I’d recommend this course for anyone that wants to be a successful consultant.”

– Ron Jennings, President
Jennings Business Group

Over 5,000 consultants from around the world have used our products to land more clients, earn a greater income, and streamline their consulting businesses to enjoy more time-off.

We guarantee that you can too.
Or your money back.

Dear Aspiring Consultant,

There are many professionals out there trying hard to become successful consultants. Landing a steady stream of new clients, getting constant referrals, and earning a great income can be a real challenge.

Which is why we created a course that takes you step-by-step and walks you through how to become a successful consultant more quickly.

We want YOU to succeed. That’s why in the Consulting Success System we have taken our 21 years of experience working with companies all around the world and given you a system packed with techniques, tips and strategies so you can successfully position yourself as an authority in your market, learn how to set your ideal pricing and fees, and attract new clients now and well into the future.

The Consulting Success System 2.0 Covers Everything You Need to Know to Succeed…

You will learn…

How to Market and Sell Your Services Honestly and Profitably

The most common mistakes consultants make is their marketing. We’ll show you how to market and sell your services the right way so you can land a steady stream of new clients. You’ll discover…

  • How to confidently enter a new market.
  • Identify how to target your ideal clients to save you time and money.
  • How to land consulting contracts with big companies. Don’t labor away under the misconception that you need to start working with smaller companies.
  • The iron-clad way to build your business through speaking engagements and how to turn them into an on-going revenue stream.
  • How to create marketing promotions that generate BIG results.
  • A strategic approach to lucrative partnerships that is often forgotten, and how you can use it to add an extra $2,000, $5,000 even $10,000 a month to your consulting revenue.
  • How to turn your consulting projects into a passive income business, and much more…

You’ll also learn…

The Pricing Strategies That the Most Successful Consultants Use

  • Why billing your clients hourly can be a BIG mistake.
  • How to setup, structure, and use value-based fees. See examples of how to do this the right way.
  • In-depth discussions on how to figure out your optimal rates as a consultant.
  • Why price is not a function of cost and the 3 reasons you need to charge what you’re worth.
  • Learn how to make more money by increasing your fees without losing
    your existing clients.
  • How the 80/20 rule is immensely powerful. Find out how to apply it to both your marketing and your fees.
  • The structure and strategy used for million dollar consulting proposals –
    and how you can use it too!

Plus, Now You’ll Also Get…

The new version of the Consulting Success System 2.0 now also includes two more of our popular products, both the Consulting Fees Guide and the Consulting Proposal and Agreement Guide.

That makes the Consulting Success System 2.0 the total consulting course with everything you need to become a successful consultant. Here’s what you’ll receive…

The Consulting Success System 2.0 Comes with 14 Lessons.

  • Lesson 1

    The Truth About Becoming a Consultant

  • Lesson 2

    Setting Up Your Consulting Business

  • Lesson 3

    Specialization Secrets

  • Lesson 4

    Branding and Your Business

  • Lesson 5

    Strategies for Consulting Fees and Pricing

  • Lesson 6

    Effective Contracts and Proposals

  • Lesson 7

    Client Development for Consultants

  • Lesson 8

    Marketing Your Consulting Services

  • Lesson 9

    10 Marketing Methods for Consultants

  • Lesson 10

    Getting Found Online and The Power of SEO

  • Lesson 11

    Social Media and Building Your Personal Brand

  • Lesson 12

    Managing Clients and Relationships

  • Lesson 13

    Consulting Systems and Billing

  • Lesson 14

    Productivity & Growth

Buy Now and Get These Valuable Bonuses FREE

BONUS #1: Professionally printed Paperback book of the Consulting Success System course! This is in addition to the digital PDF file you’ll receive so you can start learning right away.

BONUS #2: Full Audios of the Consulting Success System in MP3 format so you can listen to it on your computer or put it on your favorite music player and take it with you to the gym, listen to it in your car and enjoy it wherever and whenever it is convenient for you.

BONUS #3: The Consulting Fee Calculator. Simply enter your desired income, costs and expenses of all kinds into this spreadsheet and it will automatically calculate what you need to charge on a daily and hourly basis. This gives you a great starting point for setting appropriate fees and pricing.

BONUS #4: Plus you’ll also get 10 templates, worksheets and samples to help you streamline your consulting business at record speed.

These include:

  • Consulting Agreement Template
  • Pricing Strategy Worksheet
  • Client Survey Sheet
  • Client Project Preparation Template
  • Marketing to Dream Clients Worksheet
  • Progress Report Template
  • Revenue Tracking Template
  • Project Time Tracking Template
  • Invoice Template
  • Receipt Template

BONUS #5: Guide to writing successful advertisements. The ability to write copy that persuades and gets your audience to take action is extremely valuable for any consultant. This easy to understand guide breaks down the 11 points every ad or sales letter should contain. Start using it on your own materials right away.

BONUS #6: Turn Your Marketing Into Profits Report. This teaches you 6 marketing strategies that you can use to land more clients and increase your profits.

BONUS #7: Essential Business Checklists for Consultants. We’ve gathered a list of 63 of the best checklists for all aspects of your business. Checklists are easy to follow and make implementation for you and your clients faster and more efficient. This is the ultimate guide.

SUPER BONUS #8: Get the Masters of Consulting interviews for a limited time…

New: Special Masters of Consulting Package Now Included (Limited Time)

You’ll also get instant access to the Masters of Consulting interviews. This currently sells for $147 on this site. In the Masters of Consulting interviews you’ll learn how to market your consulting services more effectively and build your business from some of the world’s top consultants earning over $300,000 each year. This is a very special bonus only offered for a limited time (we will likely remove this bonus in the next week or so) to be fair to others that have bought it separately.

Your Investment

By now I’m sure you can see the true value you’ll get from the Consulting Success System — proven strategies and techniques to help you land more clients and increase your consulting income…plus you’ll save yourself from making the mistakes that cost consultants thousands of dollars and hold back their businesses from growing.

What if you apply all the strategies and techniques you learn through the Consulting Success System and land 2 new clients worth $40,000. How much would that be worth to you?

What if you changed your approach to consulting fees and were able to charge 25%-40% more than you are right now?

Or what if you get the course and then only land one new client, and it’s only a small project, bringing in just $1000 a month for a 8 month assignment, earning you an extra $8,000 for the year.

The course could cost only $500…

Would you invest $500 to make $8,000 from one client (not to mention the money you’d make from every additional new project)?

Would that be worth it to you?

Of course it would. Regardless of what stage you’re at in your consulting career, an extra $8,000 is real money that you can use to go on vacation, pay bills, use towards your mortgage…

The Consulting Success System won’t cost you $500 however. It won’t even cost you $400.

Because we want to help as many consultants (that are serious about growing their business) as we can, we’ve priced the course at a very reasonable price.

The cost to get this course is just $249.

And remember… you get the professionally printed paperback book of the course… the complete audios… the 10 templates and samples… the consult­ing fees calculator… the guide to writing better advertisements… and access to 62 of the best business checklists… the Marketing for Profits report… PLUS the Masters of Consulting interview sets with all the bonuses!

No Risk Money-Back Guarantee

Dig into the The Consulting Success System for 60 days at no risk. If you’re not convinced that what you’ve learned has put you on the path to becoming a more successful consultant, will help you land more clients and will boost your income by at least $5,000 a year, simply send us an email outlining the steps you’ve taken to implement what you’ve learned and return the materials you’ve received and we’ll give you a FULL refund. Seriously, it’s as straightforward as that.

Don’t delay. Order the Consulting Success System now and start enjoying the life you deserve as a successful consultant.

This is the benchmark course for the “ins and outs” of not just becoming a consultant…but becoming a successful consultant. Priceless advice and a ton of helpful bonuses like sample templates and reports. Highly recommended!”

– Paul Larsen, Owner
Ascend Global Consulting

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Over 21 Years of Consulting Experience

Michael Zipursky
Michael Zipursky – Michael has consulted for and advised businesses throughout North America and Asia in over 23 industries, from service providers and financial publishers to billion dollar technology manufacturers. He is also the founder of Relagy Marketing, a lead-generation and marketing company. Michael’s work has appeared in the Financial Times, FOX Business, HR Executive, Business Edge Newspaper, Talent Zoo and in several other media and publications. He is the author of 5 books including Profitable Relations: How to Dramatically Increase Your Profits By Giving Customers What They Really Want, the Consulting Success System: How to Become a Successful Consultant, and the Masters of Consulting Interviews.

Sam Zipursky
Sam Zipursky – Sam has over 11 years of consulting and business experience. He specializes in brand development and search engine optimization. Sam spends most of his time focusing on the connection between internet, branding, design and marketing. In 2001, together with Michael, Sam co-founded the international brand design and consulting firm Kankei Culture where he served as creative director working with and consulting for companies in North America, Europe and most recently in Asia.

Just a Few of the Companies We’ve Consulted for…

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Some of the Many Reasons to Get the Consulting Success System

  • Learn how to make $60,000/year and more working part-time as a consultant. And how to make over $100,000/year and more by being your own boss and working as a full-time consultant. It’s not easy, but we’ll show you how.
  • Discover how to address one of the biggest problems in consulting today, the “implementation gap”. What happens at the end of a consulting project is perhaps more important than what happens when the project is in flight.
  • See how you can position your services to stand out in the market so you become highly sought after.
  • Many consultants talk about using referrals to build their business. The trouble is most have no idea how to actually get them. We’ll show you how to effectively implement referral strategies into your business and how you can use them to help your clients too.
  • Even if you’re an expert in your field already, this course will provide you with step-by-step guidance when it comes to establishing and running a successful consulting business.

Your information helped me land a client that will pay me in advance for a whole year!”

– Tammy Endlish, President
Endlish Enterprises LLC

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To your success,

Michael Zipursky and Sam Zipursky
Co-Founders of Consulting Success, Authors, Consultants

100% Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

No hassle, no risk, if you don’t like it we’ll give you your money back.

PS. If you’re 100% confident that you already have all the skills and knowledge you need then there’s no real reason to order. But if you want to land more clients and earn a greater income as a consultant, don’t you owe it to yourself to take this opportunity to reach the level of success you’re looking for? Buy Now