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Promote Your Consulting Business Using Articles and Videos

Article publishing and creating videos are a great way to build authority and credibility in the marketplace. They are low cost, easy to develop and take a relatively short time to complete.

In just a minute I’ll explain how you can go about creating an article and video communications plan for your business. But first let’s explore why these two mediums are worthwhile for a consultant like yourself?

Article Authority
To start it seems as if us humans are naturally programmed to believe what we read in the newspapers, listen to on the radio and watch on television. Are the facts we consume really all true? I highly doubt it. That said, it still doesn’t change the massive impact these mediums have on us.

And that’s why when someone has a published book, an article in a newspaper or trade magazine it automatically gives us the feeling that this author knows what they’re talking about. I mean, if their work is ‘published’ it must be legit.

Okay, so writing an article will give you the appearance as an expert in your field. But what else? Why take the time to write articles or produce videos for your prospective customers and media to read or watch?

Getting the Message Out
If you read through that last paragraph you’ll actually catch part of the answer. It’s media and it’s the ability to get your message out to thousands, even millions of people that you’d otherwise have difficulty connecting with. The result is that you’re fisherman’s net reaches much farther and your potential client catch much bigger.

What’s Video All About Anyways?
Video has different nuances. The most important, and if you take anything away from this article I hope it is this, is that video can build trust with your market. The number one reason you make a sale or don’t is trust. The faster someone feels comfortable with you, the faster they’ll feel comfortable handing over their hard earned cash.

Of course what you’re selling someone needs to be a good match. But trust is the golden nugget here. That’s why on average it can take 5 follow ups to turn a lead into a sale. It takes time to build that relationship and the trust that goes along with it.

Now back to video. As a consultant the beauty lies in the fact that people can see you more quickly, they can get a sense and feel of what you’re really about. They’ll be able to decide more quickly if they can trust you, and if your message is a genuine one.

Video removes one of the biggest objects people have when buying online – and since we all go online to do research on a product or service or person – it’s critical. And that object my friend is once again whether or not they can trust you. As soon as they see you they no longer need to wonder if you are someone they can believe in.

I’m not telling you to throw up a video on your website and watch your sales skyrocket, but video can help remove some of the major objections people have – and your job is to remove as many objections as possible before they are even raised.

Use articles to build your authority and get your message out and put a more personal feel to your promotions through video. They both can be done fairly quickly and the cost is mostly just your time.

The more you do these two, the more comfortable you’ll become with them and the faster you’ll be able to roll them out.

If you’ve written articles or used video to promote your consulting business let us know, it would be great to hear what has worked for you. And also what you’ve had challenges with?


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4 thoughts on “Promote Your Consulting Business Using Articles and Videos

  1. I have used articles with relative success building back links and moving up the Google organic food chain. Your article didn’t touch on how to get your articles “out there.” Google “article submission sites” and look for the free submission sites. There are some sites that also charge a small fee to distribute your articles that do a pretty good job. It’s all about back links.

  2. I just wanted to say that I have found article writing to be an excellent “slow build” strategy for visibility and leads.
    It might not get you a client next week, but it will build your credibility and drive people to your website.

    The cumulative effect of the several articles I have written plus the blog I maintain has led to appointments with people who then became my coaching clients. They would not have even found me without the articles. (FYI, my articles have been primarily on


    • Hi Kate,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes very true. Usually you won’t get results next week but the more articles you publish and let “float” around the Internet on respected sites the higher the chance of them turning into a business or networking opportunity.

      Also as Hamilton mentions in his reply to this post. Article marketing is also great because for SEO purposes you are usually able to put a link back to your website somewhere in your author box which eventually will help your website or blog rankings.


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