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Promote Your Consulting Services With Writing

Anytime a marketing consultant puts pen to paper, a statement is being made. The printed, or published, word reflects upon the author and the company they represent. Print or online published articles can spread your consulting firm’s name and attract prospective clients as quickly as poorly conceived or positioned articles can chase them away.

Business professionals that develop writing skills and who commit to a sustained publishing effort will attract new clients and generate leads. Like all components of your marketing plan, the success of a writing program is measured by the number of leads generated by the material.

Existing and potential clients tend to read articles and absorb information about topics that relate to their niche. Consultants who write effectively gain notoriety and needed exposure through their writing on blogs, in magazines, and in article directories on the Internet.

There are several reasons for professional consultants to enter the world of publishing.

  • Prospective Clients Stay in the Know – Reports indicate that prospective clients are not only attracted to articles in their niche, but they distribute these articles to co-workers, customers and vendors. This cost-effective industry distribution network will unquestionably generate leads for your firm.
  • Be an Authority – Business development consultants know they need to stay ahead of the game, at the forefront of new information and creative solutions. The writing discipline and research associated with publishing will not only gain the consultant recognition as an authority, but it will force you to stay at the top of your game.
  • Develop a “Voice” – Published articles make a statement about the consultancy’s ability to analyze, articulate and resolve issues, and expose your personality. These are the precise skills that motivate new clients to seek your services.
  • Stay out Front – You know you have the problem-solving skills clients need, but will that prospective client think of you when the need exists? Published articles keep strategy consultants in front of prospects. In many cases, clients will seek out your columns so that they are in touch with the marketplace.
  • Build Your Resume – A series of published articles gives your consulting business’s resume immediate clout. Additionally, you are building a very useful resource library for intellectual assets that can be re-distributed in web log or web site archives.
  • Get More Search Engine Traffic and Better Rankings – If you get into publishing your articles on the internet through press releases or the more common and usually free article marketing then you’ll not only build up valuable back links to your website which is great for SEO but you’ll also get some extra web traffic if you distribute enough articles to the right places around the internet like or

Publishing articles takes time, but it is time well spent. The research you do and the tone you set can usually be used many times in subsequent endeavors. Often these articles serve as the basis for presentations, speeches or forums. Continue to write as you pursue publishing opportunities. Every reader of the printed word is a prospective client.

You may have guessed that though we are using the example of a marketing consultant or firm, these reasons are just as valid, and their results just as powerful, for a wedding consultant or other consulting professional.


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  1. Nahum says:

    This morning when i got up, I thought, I should write articles as a way to promote me and my consulting services to develop trust and recognition as an expert in my field.

    Then I seek validation on Google and Bussines Consulkting Buzz pop up, telling me…. Write articles to promote in your niche !!

    Great !!!!

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