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Public Relations and Marketing Via Book Publishing

To many freelance or small business consultants, the publishing industry is a scary one that seems inaccessible to them. Large scale traditional publishers are in the business of publishing books that sell. If your book will not generate excitement, create a following and be accompanied by an aggressive promotional strategy and campaign, the deck may seem stacked against you. This hype is true to some extent but these days it’s not hard to get published anymore, it’s al about DIY (Do it yourself) publishing. Today we wanted to discuss a few of the different ways you can go about getting your writing work out there.

Self-Publishing For Consultants
Many consultants who recognize the expansive marketing power of a published book are bypassing mainstream publishing houses and are electing to self-publish their work. Self-publishing appeals to the consultant because you retain the right to contribute to the design of the book and have more control over the editing process and the book’s content.

Self-publishing allows you to get the book in circulation quickly. If your writing is being used as a marketing and promotional tool, you may want to spend some money and get your book on the market. If you generate a following, a publisher may pick the book up for a second run.

With today’s print-on-demand (POD) publishing capabilities, a consultant can create a powerful book at a very reasonable cost. Considering the marketing advantages of a printed book, the gains may overshadow the cost. For more information on POD check out the well known and respected

E-Books for Consultants
The most cost effective way to self-publish through your own E-books. The costs are low because there are no shipping or printing costs. All you really need to do is write a book, design it to some extent (the better design the better it sells). You can then sell the book off your website or blog usually in the form of a PDF download.

E-books are generally short, but offer easy flexibility for revisions and content expansion. They are also easy to buy, easy to download and easy to read. These advantages are worthy of your publishing consideration.

You can also easily set up a system to sell your E-book via trusted companies like PayPal or So what are you waiting for? If you ever thought that publishing a book was hard you’re wrong because it’s easier then ever to publish your books.


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  1. Self publishing offers many plus factors for new authors who have marketing options flexibility and greater control of the book’s contents and design. Print-on-demand and e-book publishing are promising trends–not to mention that they are relatively environment friendly–and authors can even be creative and get to promote simultaneously by having online readers suggest and incorporate interesting ideas to their manuscript!

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