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Public Relations – New Ways of Getting SEO Links

Today’s guest post is written by one of our guest authors, Zeke Camusio of Digital Aptitude. Zeke is a web consultant that specializes in SEO and today he talks about getting links to your website through, networking,  self promotion and public relations.
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They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. This old adage has been proven true many times, however there’s another that is especially true in the age of networking and mass marketing: personal presence is rare and appreciated.

Networking events have been used for decades to attract attention to new products and services, re-launch existing products or advance a certain idea. There are many enterprises that have made a living from this activity, as people looking to find an audience for their product sometimes do not have the resources to put together an event around only their product. Networking companies have therefore catered to smaller firms by signing them up to a business networking association or group, and putting together people with similar interests by giving each a chance to present their company and products.

Due to the proliferation of this activity it is amazing how many free events one could fill a calendar with. Just ask around to find out what your local chamber of commerce, business association, neighborhood owners association, school board, city council or other such local organizations are holding on a given week, and you’ll be amazed at how you could be extremely busy if you decided to attend all the events they’re holding.

These are public relations opportunities that should not be missed, as personal presence: the exchange of business cards; a hand shake; and actual face-to-face explanation of what you do and how you do it can bring a lot of prepared and interested public to your website and increase your effective traffic.

Mingling around a cocktail party or networking event is one way to do it, but you should also seek to be the featured speaker at luncheons and other such gatherings that these sort of groups hold regularly. It is not unusual for the organizers to be lacking speakers for their events, so you will be a welcome addition.

With so much public relations activity that is diverse and involves a lot of random, human contact, you could easily lose focus. Always remember that the purpose is getting traffic that is interested in your product to visit your site and to recommend this to other people. These same people also have products and services to offer, so always offer to exchange links with them.

The power of personal presence is under appreciated these days, but you can make a very good impression and create an interested base of people who will help promote your product or service further thanks to their interest and understanding of it which will have been gained through personal contact.


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