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Realize Your Consulting Potential

The other day I had a coaching call with a business owner from Texas. He had an interesting situation. He'd been in the business world for many years. He achieved a level of business success that most would find admirable. Now he wanted to be a consultant.
achieved a level of success that most would find admirable.
His main challenge was figuring out what area to be a consultant in. I helped him to explore his expertise. His points of leverage. And to discover the area filled with the greatest potential of low hanging fruit. Within 20 minutes we came up with a game plan.
20 minutes to a game plan.
Because of his consulting experience in online marketing and lead generation, the guy from Texas would be a consultant to consultants, rather than a consultant to other companies. We crafted a powerful positioning for him and a plan of how he could enter the market. Now the guy from Texas is well on his way to developing a system that he'll use to generate new business leads for consultants. Once his machine is up and running he'll have a business that will print him money. $15 in will give him $45 out. And he'll improve on that return as he fine tunes and oils the pistons on his engine. This won't happen overnight. But the Texan is happy with that. He knows it takes hard work to make magical things happen. The business landscape is filled with possibilities for profit. Sometimes you need to ask yourself questions you're not used to asking. Sometimes you need a team of others around you to take your success to a new level. Be open, challenge yourself, constantly learn and improve your skills and you'll be well on the path to making great things happen. If you'd like some help fine tuning your own consulting business consider setting up a call with me for some coaching.


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  1. Helen Rogerson says:

    I’m really encouraged by your words today. Thank you so much!!!

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