Recommended Consulting Courses & Forms

Here we include courses that consultants can use to increase their skills, income and grow their businesses. Please note that we only recommend courses from companies we have purchased from or reviewed and know to be some of the best in the business.

Most Popular Consulting Course
The Consulting Success System 2.0:
How to Become a Successful Consultant

Note: We are currently updating the below list of resources.

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Business and Marketing Plans
Writing Effective Marketing Plans (How to Course)
Business Plans & Samples (Software)

Business Plan Samples
Computer Consulting (Sample)
Green Consulting (Sample)
Management Consulting (Sample)
Advertising Consulting (Sample)
Marketing Consulting (Sample)
HR Consulting (Sample)
IT Consulting (Sample)
Wedding Planner Consulting (Sample)
Financial Planning Consulting (Sample)
Business Consulting (Sample)

Consulting Contract / Agreement Forms
Consulting Service Agreement (US) (Business Forms)
Computer Consulting Agreement (US) (Business Forms)
Consulting Service Agreement (Canada) (Business Forms)

Business Consulting
Six Figure Consulting (How to Course)
Consulting Success Library (How to Course)

Marketing Consulting
Become A Marketing Consultant (How to Course)
Business Growth Products (How to Course)

Market Research
Marketing Research System for Consultants (How to Course)

Sales Consulting
How to Sell Without Being Pushy (How to Course)
How to Make Selling Easier (How to Course)

Copywriting Consultant
Copywriting Forms (Business Forms)
Building a Copywriting Business (How to Course)
Free Information For Copywriters (How to Course)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consulting (SEO Software + Resources)

Becoming A Business Coach (How to Course)

Public Relations Consulting
The Electronic Public Relations Handbook (How to Course)
Direct Response Public Relations (How to Course)
Do-It-Yourself Public Relations (How to Course)

Get Famous Through Public Speaking (How to Course)

Adwords Consulting
Become a Google Adwords Consultant (How to Course)