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Rethinking Market Launches for Consultants

By Guest Author
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Today’s guest post is written by veteran consultant, Rebel Brown of People Who Know. This is her first post in an exciting series all about doing proper Market Launches. Rebel has just released her most recent Ebook called “Rolling Thunder” and it’s available for FREE download for you! Details at the end of this post, enjoy!
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70% of executives are less than satisfied with their market launch results.
WOW. So why don’t we find a better way to launch our company and our products? Is it because we’re stuck in the status quo? After all we’ve done it this way for years, had minimal success and we kept our jobs. Perhaps stepping out to try a new way to launch is a risk. But what if we take that step and deliver success?

Traditional launches focus on the big Ta Da – a single lightning bolt crashing into the market. We plan big events, create loads of new sales tools and collateral, place those all important ad campaigns. All the while keeping everything in hush, hush secrecy ‘til we near the big day. Then lightening strikes; we drop our press release, we work the media, we sit back exhausted and smile. We did it! A week later we go back to business as usual.

Then reality strikes. Revenues are slower ramping than we expected, the sales force cries for qualified leads – and the excitement of the launch day fades to a distant memory. And then we go do it again for our next market launch.

As consultants, we have the opportunity to change the way our clients create and execute market launches. We can be the catalyst that powers their transformation to greater launch success.

The lightning bolt gives way to Rolling Thunder
Launches are not about one big bang event, or day or week. That approach doesn’t work anymore – not if you want long lasting attention and credibility.

Successful launches lay the foundations for market success before the announcement ever happens. Great launches build momentum over time to propel a product or company into the market, far above the noise and with sustainable credibility.

I believe that Rolling Thunder is much more effective than a single lightning bolt – and I have the client evidence to prove it. In over 50 client engagements, we’ve let the thunder roll to power launch success.

Today’s market is perfect for Rolling Thunder approaches. Why? Everything changed. From the way our audiences gather information to the way they select their trusted vendors. A big Da-Da doesn’t create enough momentum to power a launch in today’s Social media and Web 2.0-driven world. A Why?

  • We have to stand out above the noise.
    One loud bang won’t do it. Neither will loud, chest thumping messaging. It takes repetitive, longer-term communication of factual real-world evidence to stand out.
  • We can let our customers speak for us.
    Thanks to social media, we can let our customers, partners and fans help us soften our market, set us up for success – before we launch. When we do announce, they’ll share their real-world and ringing our value to life in the most powerful way possible.
  • Credibility is the holy grail.
    Very few people believe vendor claims anymore. Years of chest thumping and false promotion blew our credibility. Evidence from 3rd parties, quantitative data and hands-on experience is the best way to gain credibility today. That means we need to create and gather that evidence, based on success, before we ever announce.

That’s what Rolling Thunder is all about. In a We get to announce success versus availability. How’s that for making a positive impression? Until we can announce that success, we soften the market, share our vision, gather our supporters, tune our story. What a powerful way to enter the market – with success as our evidence!

Over the next few weeks we’ll have a series of articles discussing how to create and execute a rolling thunder launch for our clients. Once you get the thunder rolling my bet is you’ll never go back to traditional launches again. You and your clients will be more successful for it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create and execute a Rolling Thunder market launch, read Rebel’s eBook, Available for FREE download here. Rolling Thunder Powering Momentous Market Launches

You’ll learn:

  • The key phases of a Rolling Thunder launch and how to maximize each for your launch.
  • The power of a whisper – and how to grow that whisper into a roar.
  • Tips ‘n tricks for powering new levels of launch success – measured in revenue!

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