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Secret Small Steps to Consulting Success


I recently wrote about how you can put your money to work for you. In that article I gave you the formula to start creating real wealth for you and your family.

People that give up and turn back, because ‘things aren’t working out’ are the ones that don’t reach the goals they’ve set. And ultimately are unsuccessful.

Today I’m going to share another principle to creating wealth and achieving success.

Reaching Success

Success comes from taking the right steps towards your goals.

You may not reach your goal right away. You may not reach it after the tenth step you take. But keep working towards it, doing the right things, and you will reach it.

This one idea is what separates successful people from the unsuccessful ones. The ones that reach their goals don’t give up. Even if they don’t see the results they’re looking for right away, they keep moving forward.

People that give up and turn back, because ‘things aren’t working out’ are the ones that don’t reach the goals they’ve set. And ultimately are unsuccessful.

In this world we live in, people are used to ‘instant’ everything. Send a text message and get an instant reply. Have a question, hop on Google and get your answer. Success isn’t instant. It never has been and never will be.

But chart the right plan, and work on it day in and day out, and you’ll see extraordinary results.

Danger Looms

Just as taking small steps toward reaching your plan will lead you to great success – the opposite is also true.

A salesperson sets their goal of making 20 calls a day. They only make 15 today. No big deal, right?

The author wants her book published. She’s decided to send her manuscript to 10 publishers each week. This week she sent it to 8. No big deal, right?


Take the salesperson. If he fails to make just 5 calls a day, that’s 25 a week. That’s over 1000 calls missed over a year.

The author, she’s busy too, and only missed her mark by sending out 2 manuscripts a day. But that’s 10 a week. Over 500 a year!

Both the salesperson and author have competitors. What would happen if their competitors set the same goals as they did?

What would happen if their competitors had the discipline and focus they lacked and didn’t miss a call or sending out a manuscript?

And what would happen if their competitors decided to make just one more call a day (over 200) or just send one more manuscript a week (over 50)?

This single principle will guide you towards huge success or huge failure.

It’s your choice. Which do you want?

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3 thoughts on “Secret Small Steps to Consulting Success

  1. Moe Glenner says:

    Agreed! In aviation, the first step when things go awry is to Aviate. In other words, always continue to fly your plane. This absolutely applies to any other initiative where we seek to achieve a goal.

  2. Yassin says:

    . It’s a true discipline Mike and so often majority of us don’t analyze it
    with the mathematics you have shared. The figures here already reflect
    the amount of income forfeited by failure to adhere to plans. I really
    love the insight

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