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Sell More Consulting Services by Selling Less

How can you sell more consulting services by selling less? There is a way … and I’m going to tell you what it’s all about.

You walk into a meeting with a prospective client. You show them your fancy brochure that lists all the services you offer. Maybe there’s 5 or 10 different consulting services you can provide.

To the consultant this makes a lot of sense. “I can offer all these great services, pick one, pick two, heck, choose them all.” There is a problem…

This approach doesn’t work.

The human mind can only keep focused on one or two, maybe three, points of information at any given time. By trying to sell more initially, you’re actually hurting your chances of making any sale at all.

Go into your meeting, ask the prospective client many questions so you can better understand their needs, and then recommend one service.

You’re the consultant, the expert, that’s why this potential client is meeting with you. They want you to give them a recommendation based on their situation.

By suggesting one main action to take it’s much easier for the business owner to give the go ahead and engage you.

Now how does all this lead to more sales?

Getting the client is the hardest part. Once you have them, as long as you’re delivering the goods and keeping them happy, you can continue to offer them more and more consulting services.

And because they trust you, they’re much more likely to keep buying.


Develop a predictable
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