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SEO Consultant Services – Domain Names and Search Engines

When it comes to selling SEO consultant services you need to thoroughly understand what makes search engines tick so to speak. Today I’d like to talk a bit about domain names also commonly referred to as a website address or a URL.

As a professional offering search engine consulting I often get questions about domain names as they related to ranking better in Google and Yahoo so I thought I’d try and give you a few SEO tips related to domain names.

Buy .com extensions
If you are registering a new domain name for a company try and get a .com name. Search engines seem to like .com names and also users generally trust a .com extension more so then the .net or .info extensions just to name a few. Also if you have spent the time coming up with a good consulting firm name then the last thing you want to do is register something that doesn’t look professional. 

Put your keywords in the URL
If you are registering a new domain name for your client then try and convince them to put their main keyword in their new URL. Search engines like Google love this. For example if your client’s name is “Trust Point” and their main service and target keyword is “marketing” then you would want to register the name if your client agrees rather then just

Get pre-owned or aged domain names
There is a theory out there called the “Google Sandbox” which says all new domain names get placed in a theoretical sandbox where they cannot be found in the Google results for their first few months after being released. This is true to some extent because I have tested it on some websites of mine.

So if you want to avoid sandbox then there are places on the internet like where you can buy pre-owned or aged domain names. If you buy a pre-owned domain for your consulting client you will skip the sandbox completely. Also in general when it comes to search engines and trust – the older a domain name the better.

And there you have it folks. A few key guidelines that should really help all you search engine optimization consulting pros out there. These tips may not be as useful if your clients already have a pre-existing URL that they want you to work with but they should definitely be considered anytime a new URL or domain name is needed for any consulting project!


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