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SEO – Anchoring Your Links Properly

If you are offering any form of SEO consulting services or you’re a company searching for search engine optimization services then you should have already figured out that ranking well in the search engines is all about LINKS. I have mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. To get to the top of search engines like Google or Yahoo for your desired keywords you basically need one thing – quality keyword anchored links.

So today I thought I’d talk to you about how you should be setting up your links for your search engine consulting clients. It’s not a very hard concept but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get it right.

Coming up With Keywords
It all starts with your keywords. I won’t get into keywords deeply today but you should remember that to do a good job of SEO consulting you are going to need to have a targeted list of keywords that you are going after.

Once you have that list of keywords it’s simple. You take that list, and whenever you go out and get links to point towards your own or your client’s website try and get these keywords in that link – this is what search engine consultants refer to as “anchoring your links properly”.

What Anchor Text Should I Use?
First let’s talk about how not to use your chosen keywords when getting links. You are a marketing services company named “Media Point”. Therefore you want people to find you in the search engines for the term “marketing services”. Now if all the links on the internet that point to your website say “Media Point” you might rank well for the terms “media”, “point”, or “media point”, but not for the keywords you want to rank for like “marketing”.

What you want to do is for any links that you can control, try and get your targeted keywords in the links somehow. So in the example we are working on you might want to go after anchor links like “Marketing Services” or “Media Point Marketing Services” or even “Marketing Services with Media Point”. Is this starting to make sense to you? If you start to do this overtime you will start to come up in search results that you were hoping for.

Of course many of the links us SEO consultants get will be out of our control. For example websites linking to you using your URL or domain name. This is great if your keyword is in your URL but if your URL is not related to your keywords then you’re out of luck on that one. And then much worse then that are links like “click here” or “visit us for more info”. Unless you want to rank well for “click here” try and avoid these by all means!

So there you have it folks. If you are offering search engine optimization and internet related consulting services then make sure that you are up to date on the strategies. Going out there and making sure that you get good anchored links will help your SEO strategy big time! Good luck.


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