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Today’s guest post is written by Zeke Camusio of The Outsourcing Company. In this article Zeke is talks about article marketing with and the important role it plays in Search Engine Optimization. Enjoy!
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Do you really want to know how to get your consulting company’s homepage or blog on the first pages of Google in a matter of minutes? Start an Article Marketing Campaign, in what is considered to be the # 1 Article Directory – Ezine Articles is an article directory that allows experts to write articles about what they do. Ezine articles have different levels from Basic to Platinum Author. To obtain Platinum status you have to have written 10 articles or more, and be approved by an editor. Platinum authors get first dibs of their content being published first, since it may take a few weeks for the editors to review and approve the article. So, if you have a business and want to gain exposure-start writing!

Starting your Article Marketing Campaign
Getting started on is simple, just go to the website and establish a user name, profile, and resource box (will explain later). However, make sure you have a series of topics within your industry to write about, since most successful authors publish 10-30 articles or more a day. Before you start your campaign you want to make sure your website is up to date, after all the purpose of distributing content to article directories is to get exposure to your website/business. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to write. Just write like you talk, act like you are talking to a client on the phone when you are writing. But, if you are not the creative type, you can always hire affordable freelancers on sites like and to write the article for you.

Article Marketing Success
Article Marketing is simple if done correctly. There are some rules and regulations that you need to follow in order for your Article Marketing strategy to work. First realize that the purpose is to drive traffic back to your own website, so you can sell your products and services. The articles that you write for should be used as little teasers, meaning: provide customers with just enough information to leave them wanting more. When it comes to writing these little teaser articles, you have to make sure the word count is between 250-500 words, you have compelling titles, and good keyword placement. Those factors increase your chances of showing up as # 1 in the SERPS.

The Real Power of Article Marketing: The Resource Box
Aaah! The almighty resource box (you can have 3 with ezinearticles). The resource box gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and place your call to action. You will be surprised on how many people leave this box empty. Therefore you want to state what you do, and then tell people to click on your link for more information. Or give them a free report, a discount code, anything that will make them click on your link. For instance, you can say something like this: “I offer services that include Blogging, Article Marketing, and SEO consulting, for more tips and tricks and to get a free report on Business Blogging visit”

Tracking Results
The great thing about ezinearticles is that it has a great statistic platform. You can see how many people have actually viewed your content, and most importantly how many people are linking back to your website. Therefore the Statistic analyis helps you determine what type of information people are looking for. And a chance to revise your less popular articles. And those articles that are generating traffic, keep writing more about those topics and you will see more and more people linking back to your site daily.


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