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SEO When Starting a Consulting Business

When you are starting up a consulting business, one of the first places you should be doing research is on the internet. You should first make up a list of strategic keywords and then you’ll want to start looking into your competition. By doing this the you’ll have a clear picture of the challenge of being listed for your chosen keywords near the top of  internet search engines like Google, MSN or ASK.

As we all know the internet is the preferred venue for business research. The consequences of your internet rankings are significant. As a new consulting practice you don’t have much choice … you need to understand search engine optimization and marketing techniques to compete with other tech savvy consultants.

Having a website, blog, or facebook account is just one part of the Internet marketing pie. The SEO game will take time, energy, creativity and will cost some money. Creating a stunning informational site and obtaining an Internet listing is not a stand-alone marketing or advertising solution. These are merely steps along the Internet pathway.

Committing to SEO
To boost your ranking and maximize the return on your consulting firm’s online presence, you will need to, understand the sometimes daunting process called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are many great blogs and websites on SEO out there for you to start learning and applying.

If you don’t want to learn it all yourself don’t fret, you’ll be able to find lots of firms that offer SEO services. Like all advertising decisions, you will need to proceed with caution. With Internet providers, it is easy to be misled, but making the smart, informed decision can reap huge results. Again, your consultancy’s marketing plan and advertising strategy calls for lead generation. The web should be a very cost-effective way to accomplish that goal.

Search Engine Optimization firms use keywords, back links, and a host of other strategies to boost your internet rankings. Some SEO companies will submit your consulting site to many search engine sites for a small fee. Usually these providers reap small returns. Like all forms of advertising, consistency is paramount to success. One-time gimmick promotions generally do not work.

You should consider approaching reputable SEO business consulting firms with credentials and references. Inquire as to their services and strategies and ask them to show you specific results they’ve achieved. I’d also recommend that you get the names and contact information of some of their past clients and call them up to get first hand information.

Get specific pricing for all services. Keep in mind that there are effective and ineffective SEO firms out there. When starting your consulting business, you will need internet leads, while SEO is one way to do this, Google Adwords, and other PPC options are a great way to do this.

There are many search marketing consultants, but treat them the same way you would a larger firm and demand all information and view their past results before going forward. You can take on handing your consulting business’ search engine optimization effort yourself – but be sure, SEO takes a lot of time on a continual basis. It may likely make more sense for you to get someone else to do this for you while you work on other aspects of your business.


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