Small Business Systems and Organization Consultant: Alaia Williams

Alaia Williams

Company Name:
One Organized Business


Los Angeles, CA, USA

What kind of consulting do you specialize in?
Small Business Systems and Organization

How many years have you been consulting for?
Four years

What do you enjoy most about consulting?
Helping my clients move from stuck to unstuck. Helping them create forward movement – seeing the “light bulb” go on. Many of my clients are dealing with clutter issues and/or a lack of effective systems for their business. Helping them remove these roadblocks so they can move forward is incredibly rewarding.

Piece of advice to share with others?
Trust your gut – if a potential client shows signs that they aren’t right for you, take the hint early on. If an opportunity doesn’t seem like it is in alignment with your big goals, it is okay to pass on it. There’s only one you – you can only handle so much. Trust your gut – it will keep you out of a lot of difficult situations.

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