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So what do Consultants do?

Great question. Today we want to try and explain a bit about what the terms consultant and consulting actually mean. Let’s start off by saying that the kind of consulting services being offered are as wide as the number of businesses in the world, with possible clients limited only by a professional consultant’s experience, vision, ambition – and marketing skills.

Virtually all endeavors by every business are a possible consulting opportunity. All serious marketing, advertising, internet, tourism, management companies, and more will most likely at some point find themselves soliciting the services of a consultant or consulting firm.

So on to the question, “what do consultants actually do?” To put it simply a consultant or consulting firm charges a company or individual money to give solid and logical advice. Now remember no one is going to pay you unless your advice is worth while and actually makes sense. Businesses will often seek out consulting services in cases where they don’t know the answer or would like some help from a specialist in an area that they may not be so familiar with.

Your consulting business is going to be based on something you know well, and that you can apply to various industries. Almost no field is too small to consider. If the services you offer are too broad, you may find the competition to be daunting. We recommend that you narrow down your offerings and focus – find your niche.

Let’s take an example, if you worked in logistics for a number of years, have dozens of reliable contacts, and absolutely know all the ins and outs of the transport and logistics industry you may have found a great niche to offer your consulting services in.

Remember successful businesses don’t happen accidentally, and planning your consulting business carefully with a clear understanding of both your abilities and your ongoing financial needs is essential. In your start up phase the most important thing is going to be finding that niche that you want to offer as your main service, as well as setting up an action plan on how you’re going to go about offering that service to the general public.


Develop a predictable
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  1. Very interesting. “possible clients limited only by a professional consultant’s experience, vision, ambition – and marketing skills.” That is very well said!

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