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Speaker Marketing for Consultants: 5 Steps to Define Your Market

Speaker Marketing Consultants

One of my goals for this year was to start doing more presentations, workshops and seminars.

I’ve done these for several business groups and corporate consulting clients. However, it’s an area where I want to improve and the best way to do that is to study and practice.

The more content you create around your area of expertise the better it is

As I learn new techniques, approaches and principles of the best speakers I thought I’d share my big takeaways with you. And of course, I welcome your input, feedback and suggestions.

Let’s start with a look at how to define the market you will serve as a speaker so you can start landing speaking opportunities.

1) Establish Your Value

Speaking is no different than consulting when it comes to delivering value. That is the single most important factor you must always keep in mind. Ask yourself ‘what will the buyer (of my speaking services) value most (and what will the audience value most)?’ These are important questions that you want to have clear answers on before you start trying to line up speaking gigs.

2) Select Your Audience and Industry

Next you want to be clear on who your ideal audience is. That’s a great place to start and the same approach you want to take when going after consulting clients. Do you want to speak to companies in certain geographic areas or industries? Are they non-profits, associations or public companies? Deciding this will help you to narrow down the focus of your initial speaking offerings and increase your chances of being hired.

3) Become a Thought-Leader

The way I’ve been hired to speak or give presentations has most often come as a result of the buyer reading one of my articles in a business publication, on someone else’s blog or on my own. The more content you create around your area of expertise the better it is. Why? Because it will position you as an authority and boost your credibility which in turn helps you to land more speaking gigs.

4) Work Your Network

If you’ve seen our marketing for consultants survey you know that referrals are the number one way consultants get business. So it should come as no surprise that the same goes for speaking. Get in touch with everyone you know, contact your connections on social platforms or in your CRM, send out a newsletter talking about your speaking goals and so on…this will be one of the best ways for people to know that you’re looking to speak more and what topics you can speak on …and as a result you’ll get more referrals and leads for speaking.

5) Don’t Be Perfect

I’ve written on the Consultants Build Syndrome in the past. This applies to speaking as well. Don’t worry about having the perfect presentation ready. Start by speaking at associations or clubs (as opposed to high-end corporate clients) and give it your best shot. You’ll make some mistakes, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll get better fast. If you wait for perfection you’ll often find yourself not far from the starting gate.

What other speaking tips can you share on defining your market and getting started as a speaker? I’d like to hear your thoughts below…


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5 thoughts on “Speaker Marketing for Consultants: 5 Steps to Define Your Market

  1. Kyle Sexton says:

    I’ve been speaking since 2005 and my first paid gig was 2008. I’ve had 18 gigs a year ever since. I network with a lot of speakers and they seem to flounder looking for someone to pay them to speak, but their market niche is too broad.

    Perhaps your ideal clients belong to the same types of associations. Target these associations with your content and webinars to get gigs. You will be paid to market to your audience of ideal clients.

  2. Dafne says:

    Thank you. This post comes at the perfect time. I’ve been thinking about asking to be a speaker at various women’s clubs around town. I’ve never done it live before for my business, but I’ve been an MC at cultural dance events, and I have done webinars. We’ve recently been accepted into the Google Apps reseller program and I’ve noticed that no-one around here is talking about or teaching about the benefits of using Google Apps for their business. So I’m going to try to do just that. Wish me luck! =) Dafne @ Spartan 6

    • That sounds like a great idea Dafne. Keep at it. Good things will come 🙂

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