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Star Wars Consulting

I was listening to Charlie Rose interview George Lucas yesterday on Bloomberg.

Did you know that the first Star Wars almost never got made? More on that in a just a second…

Lucas of Star Wars and Indiana Jones fame has an estimated net worth of $5.1 billion. He’s been a successful filmaker and entrepreneur since the 70’s.

Well, back when Lucas wanted to launch Star Wars FOX told him “No”. They didn’t believe that Star Wars would be successful. Imagine that!

Lucas didn’t give up. He found a champion within FOX that believed in his vision and the two of them came up with a plan to get the movie made.

I’ve been told that Fox gave him $4M to make the first Star Wars movie and he later sold his company to Disney for $4 billion! The rest is history.

What about you? You have a vision of what you want your business and life to be, right? Your ‘movie’ that you want to get made. Are you taking the action required to make it a reality or are you going to let it fail?

Here we are about to wrap up 2015. Ask yourself, did you hit your business and financial goals? If the answer is ‘no’, then why not? What held you back?

I believe in YOU. I know you can reach your goals. Whatever your vision is for 2016 let’s make it a reality for you.

If you’d like to add an extra $10k to $50k per month to your consulting business I have a very special opportunity for you.

For just a few consultants I’m offering a new way to work together where I will personally guide you step-by-step through a system that will help you to increase your fees and land more clients.

See results from consultants who have learned this system

Would you like to have more freedom and flexibility? To be able to travel or spend more time with your family? To treat your spouse or kids without having to worry about how much cash you have in the bank?

If you’re committed to taking action and are willing to follow a proven system this may be a great fit for you.

I only have time to work with a few consultants and teach this exact system. If you’re one of them I will work with you to make 2016 your most successful year yet.

If you’re interested go here and let’s talk

To your success,
Michael Zipursky


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