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Getting Your Consulting Business Started

Congratulations! You have done your research and are only a few steps away from making the decision to start your consulting business.

As a consultant you have a commitment to help shape the worlds economic and social future. Reform and empowerment is ultimately in the hands of small business people and emerging entrepreneurs.

You believe that you are part of the solution. You believe in seizing business opportunity. You are prepared to do everything necessary to create further opportunities and jobs. By using your own unique skills, talents and expertise, you will help to empower small business and entrepreneurs to achieve their own goals and aspirations.

To achieve your own personal genius you need to ensure that you have considered some of the basics to the consulting business and business success in general.

Ensure that you have written and clearly defined the following objectives

  • Your own personal and consulting business purpose – this will help you remain committed
  • The big picture in your mind – helps you decide on priorities in your plan of action
  • The different kinds of thinking – helps you identify problems and find solutions
  • Mental and emotional preparation – helps maintain consistent performance
  • Lifestyle management – the importance of family, friends, relaxation and leisure
  • Setting boundaries – your own personal and business ethic
  • Creativity and innovation – helps you think out-of-the-box and will help you to achieve your own personal greatness
  • Confidence, motivation, persistence, excellence, courage and leadership

When all is said and done there is only one valid definition of a business purpose …. a customer must want to buy your product or service. Without customers you have no business.

Make sure that you arm yourself with the necessary marketing and business consultant tools that will help ensure you have customers running to your door.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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