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Stay Away from This Marketing Trap


Are you falling right into the marketer’s trap?

Here’s how you can tell:

  • Are you constantly reading books, attending seminars, jumping on webinars?
  • Are you always looking for the latest strategy?
  • Are you excited by new trends and technologies?
  • Do you spend more time learning than you do applying what you learn?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a consultant is to believe that the more information you have the more successful you will be.

Realize that KNOWING what to do and actually DOING what you know are two very different things.

I get it. I can see how you’d feel that way. Marketers spend a great deal of resources blasting messages at you. They tell you that you NEED the latest ________ (fill in the blank with whatever it is they are offering).

The BIG Names Come Out

Then you might see some other “BIG” names online talking about how good the new product is. And that can get you feeling excited right?

Maybe you purchase what they’re offering. You don’t do much with it. It most often sits on a shelf or hard drive somewhere anyways, right?

Before you can really take ACTION on it the next ‘latest and greatest’ offer comes out. This time telling you WHY what you got before isn’t good enough. That can  be confusing. But the marketer has all kinds of proof, data and ‘facts’ to support their claims.

Now you end up getting the next product.

The cycle repeats itself.

Avoid the Blame Game

Sure, it’s easy to blame the marketer. Heck, we all know that unfortunately there are far too MANY hucksters out there.

BUT really, if we’re totally honest with each other… I hope you’re okay with me being totally honest with you, okay?

We can only blame ourselves. Why? How can this be?

The PROBLEM isn’t the information.

What I am suggesting is that information by itself doesn’t give you results. Taking ACTION does.

The PROBLEM is the belief that information ALONE will make you more successful.

That it will help you to get clients and earn more.

You said I can be honest with you, right? So…the truth is having MORE information rarely solves YOUR problem.

The Wheels Are Coming Off

It’s why I see consultants and coaches feeling like they are spinning their wheels.

They are trying all kinds of things: The shotgun approach. The throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks strategy. You’ve heard about those before, right?

Are you feeling that way right now?

Realize that KNOWING what to do and actually DOING what you know are two very different things.

I’m not suggesting that you give up on books, seminars or investing in learning and knowledge.

What I am suggesting is that information by itself doesn’t give you results. Taking ACTION does.

Rather than being an expert at GATHERING information become an expert in APPLYING it.

The most successful consultants I coach are focused with their time.  Together we create a marketing plan and action plan. They take it and run with it. They don’t go looking for the latest gizmo.

Their commitment to taking action leads to results. Here are two examples of consultants that invested in themselves and stayed focused on the plan:

“In less than 12 weeks I tripled my revenue working with Michael and as a result of his coaching!”
Amy Deschamps, Owner/Consultant
Success Essentials Dental Consulting

“I decided to use Michael’s services in an effort to grow my business. I had things going rather well, but knew that I could do better. Michael helped me in finding the unused potential that I had and leverage that in a short time span. Within 2 months, I’ve been able to increase the size of the deals as well as my pipeline and to have a clean plan on how to move forward with my business.”
Tsahi Levent-Levi
Consultant at

If you’d like to have a customized plan for your business to ATTRACT CLIENTS and increase your fees and INCOME get in touch. Each week I keep a few slots open to speak with consultants who are committed to taking action. Who want coaching and guidance so they can follow a proven process and see RESULTS. Details here


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2 thoughts on “Stay Away from This Marketing Trap

  1. Dave Smith says:

    Right on Michael, as usual. This is something I realized a few months back after reading and reading and trying so many offerings from marketers all offering wild success. Application of what you learn comes with a caveat, though, which is to not give up when the first run of actions doesn’t work the way it was advertised to. The formula I use is Information + Action=Application x Repetition = Success. Repetition is fluid to learn from failure and make adjustments. But action is the key in all things.

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