Stefan Drew on The Magic of Specializing So You Can Turn Requests for Work Away: Podcast #7

Increasing your visibility, specializing, and cultivating relationships in your network are three of the most powerful ways to launch yourself toward consulting success.


My guest on this episode is UK-based consultant Stefan Drew, who is also known as the Marketing Magician. He works mainly in the education sector, but he has a wide breadth of experience — from international environmental organizations and national membership organizations to web design for local companies. He is known for producing great ideas “out of thin air,” and his clients rave about the ROI that they receive after working with him. He has many years of experience and wisdom, and on this episode of Consulting Success you’ll hear several inspiring stories that will ignite your desire to take your business to the next level. If you’re trying to create greater visibility, wondering whether or not you should specialize your business, or hoping to discover the one secret to quick consulting success, you need to listen to this episode of Consulting Success with Stefan Drew.

Specialize or offer it all — what do today’s successful consultants do?
When first developing your consulting business, you may be wrestling with one major question — do I spread myself among several efforts, or simply focus on one target audience? I always encourage consultants to specialize, but I had to ask Stefan about his experience. His success came from one of these approaches, but his advice leans heavily toward the other. His answer may surprise you, but you won’t want to miss the reasoning behind it.

Have a lot of expertise to offer? You should still specialize.
Even if you can offer expertise in several areas, maintaining a focus in one specific area will still increase your business. Stefan shares his experience with shifting his focus from environment and education, “and everything else,” to simply the first two. The point of view that comes with your expertise can still be applied to your focus, and that increased specialization will create the greatest value for your clients. You can find out more about the benefits of specialization on this episode.

Your email list may not be working as well as you think it is.
Email lists are one of the most popular ways that many consultants try to reach a wide audience, but Stefan argues that they are not the most effective. He has an extensive list of ways that you can contact potential clients and generate business. You won’t want to miss the many success stories he shares, that prove that a little work can go a long way in securing the best clients.

Building momentum creates the results you are seeking.
If you are just starting out at building your consulting business, you may be feeling overwhelmed at all of the steps ahead of you. Some of the steps can seem like a lot of work, but the momentum that comes with each effort will help project you toward the payoff. As a successful marketing consultant who is now in the position to turn clients away, Stefan has plenty to say about how to make your first steps your most effective ones. Be sure to listen to this episode to find out exactly where you should start.

Key Takeaways:
[:17] I welcome Stefan to the show and he shares the highlights of his career path.
[4:30] Do you have what it takes to make it as a consultant? Stefan’s advice can help you decide.
[7:10] Generating business means doing as many of these things as possible.
[12:00] Why it is so important to have one clear focus.
[13:32] Stefan’s number one tip to drive you forward in your career.
[18:20] A dry spell in business can be discouraging, but it can also propel you forward to achieve even greater success.
[21:58] Discover a variety of ways to position yourself to reach your ideal clients.
[27:30] The power that comes with increasing your visibility can start with something as simple as a new nickname.
[30:00] Building your business from scratch? Stefan says you should start here.
[32:40] The secret strategy to success starts with cultivating relationships.
[38:48] Stefan’s delectable source of inspiration.

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“You can stale a bit if you’re working in the same sector all of the time.” — Stefan Drew
“Don’t spread yourself so thin that you can’t do anything properly.” — Stefan Drew
“You have to have a very distinctive point of view. Just being another … consultant doesn’t hack it anymore.” — Stefan Drew
“Sense your opportunities — and use them — to build your profile.” — Stefan Drew
“The business of consulting is really about relationships.” — Michael Zipursky


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