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How Much Is THIS Costing You In Your Business and Life?

By Michael Zipursky
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Few take the time to see this but there is a cost to not taking action.

We tend to look at what we don’t have and THINK about how wonderful it will be to have it.

Those thoughts are like dreams. Excitement boils up as we ponder them.

But dreams by themselves don’t get us the result we seek.

Action does!

And delaying taking the action you KNOW you should take and staying where YOU are right now has a cost.

So ask yourself…

What is it costing you right now not to have the income you want?

Not to have the health you want?

Not to have the relationship you want?

Not to have the types of clients you want?

There IS ALWAYS a cost to delaying action…

…to delaying going after what you really want.

The cost may not be evident or visible right away.

The damage it can deliver however no less powerful.

It’s time to take action NOW.

Why? Because waiting for the ‘the perfect time’ to take the first step doesn’t exist.

Unless you give yourself the permission to let it exist.

And it can exist right now. IF you want it enough.

If you’re ready to take ACTION and want to ATTRACT CLIENTS and GROW your income and revenues get in touch and let’s talk about what you can do NOW to get the results you want and deserve.


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