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Traits and Skills of a Successful Marketing Consultant

One consulting job that has definitely been rising in popularity over the last few years is the position of the marketing consultant. More and more companies are starting to see the value in hiring marketing professionals to help them out with the positioning and promotion of their company both in the physical and more increasingly online digital world of the internet.

The field of marketing consulting can be quite wide and you need to really decide which area it is you are going to focus in on. The same goes for a company that is looking for marketing and consulting services, it’s crucial to understand which part of the marketing spectrum it is that you need assistance with. Is it your business and marketing plan, your design and brand collateral, search engine rankings, or maybe you need help with managing or setting up an email database of your current customers?

Traditionally marketing consultants would be in charge of promoting their clients companies through media channels like magazine and newspaper advertising, TV commercials, and help out with getting listed in specialized business directories and other more traditional marketing vehicles.

Now don’t get me wrong, marketing consultants should still have a grasp or at least understanding on some of the more traditional forms of media but I can tell you one thing. Successful marketers today have a solid understanding of the internet and how it plays a role in the development and market penetration of most companies doing business locally or globally.

A business consultancy that is offering overall marketing services should definitely understand search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, email list building and management, as well as the basics of web design and usability. If you are a company looking for marketing services and the consultant you are considering doesn’t have a professional looking website or blog and doesn’t seem to web or tech savvy I would recommend you to keep looking around for better options.

Besides the internet, to be one of today’s top marketing consultants some other skills that you should feel comfortable with and have a grasp on are identity and branding, graphic design, company naming, copywriting, global economics, logistics, and outsourcing, just to name a few.


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