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Successful Marketing Newsletters

By Consulting Success
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If your client-based e-newsletter sticks to a few basic internet marketing concepts, it will provide leads for your business consulting firm. Be sure that every edition maintains the high standards that you will set forth in the first edition. Clients lose interest in tired, half-hearted efforts and they reflect poorly on your consultancy. If you truly recognize the marketing potential of the newsletter, you will realize the importance of continuing a proud tradition for excellence.

Your editor-in-chief needs to inspire the readership. Select content-rich topics from which your firm’s clients will benefit. Be thorough in your research and thorough in your reporting. Use documented statistics, go to sources, and explain positions thoroughly. Make your prospects and clients look forward to your next issue.

Use your content-rich articles to encourage feedback from your readership. Make it clear that you want and will respond to all questions. Show an open-mind by stating a willingness to post differing opinions. Conduct surveys and post results. Do whatever it takes to generate interactive written communication. Every response is a lead and leads are your goal.

In your design and in your content, make a statement about your consultancy. Always uphold your consulting firm’s professional demeanor and make sure your e-newsletter reaches your primary and secondary marketing targets. Study your subscription list and whenever possible, personalize the newsletter.

Each successful edition builds a bond between your consultancy and your readership. Hopefully, the readership will refer other subscribers and those referrals may become clients. While your e-newsletter will require time, it should build a reputable link to a stronger client base.

Evaluate Your Commitment
As you assess your consultancy’s ability to generate a powerful e-newsletter, you must look ahead. Is your consulting practice able to exert the same effort for every edition? If your consultancy lacks the resources to consistently produce proud and compelling editions, reconsider your e-newsletter launch. Only proceed when the time is right.

Every edition must be dedicated to increasing your product’s value by publishing original and meaningful articles that will benefit your readership. Never be repetitious, always be forward-thinking. Perform due diligence and state positions authoritatively. These practices must be delivered in every edition, every month.

Lastly, you must be realistic. Does your consultancy have the capabilities necessary to publish 12 e-newsletters? If so, embrace the potential of this key marketing tool. Let prospects and existing clients know that your business consulting firm is an industry resource center.

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