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How To Sell Yourself As A Consultant: 37 Ways To Present Your Services (Without Looking Like A Rookie)

“How do I sell myself as a consultant?”  Nobody wants to look like a rookie. But if you’re… Unprepared Don’t have a core message Are unfocused with your marketing …then you risk looking like an amateur to your potential consulting clients. How To Sell Yourself As A Consultant I’ve seen many consultants waste money trying …

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Consultants Building Syndrome – How to Avoid It

Most consultants have what I call ‘Build Syndrome.’ They keep busy building things for their business that deliver them little to no results. They stay home and create a new business card, brochure, website, or a fancy consultants marketing plan. It might take them days, weeks or months to get these materials done. The problem …

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Secret to Getting Consulting Referrals

Ask any successful consultant how they currently get their clients and more than 90% of them will tell you they come from consulting referrals. A referral is when someone, whether a friend, family member, acquaintance or client, refers another prospective client to you. They do this because they care for you, respect you, trust you …

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How to Set Your Consulting Rates

There are several ways you can determine how to set your consulting rates and fees. There really is no right or wrong way to go about this – as long as the result has you being paid what you feel is fair and that it is sustainable to grow your business. The worst thing you …

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