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consulting fees and structure

How to Get Paid on Time

The graveyard is filled with businesses that had cash flow problems. If you’d like to avoid ending up with the same fate, make sure you’re not committing this classic consulting sin. The reason most consultants don’t do this is because they are too scared to ask their clients. Consultants ask me all the time, “my …

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3 Steps to Double Your Consulting Fees

How would you like to increase your consulting income by 50%, 100% even 200% and more…interested? There’s a very simple way to achieve this and I’m going to tell you how… Increase your fees. If you’re currently making an average of $15000 per consulting project, increase your fee to $25000, $40000 or even $80000. Here …

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Consulting Fees: How Should You Package Yours?

A consultant is someone who, when asked a question, provides an answer and recommends action. In simple terms, they recommend or even tell people what to do. The role of a consultant is to provide advice geared at solving problems or geared to the consulting client taking advantage of an opportunity. The Consultants Role The …

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Consulting Fees: Do You Charge What You Should?

In my previous article, “Are You Really A Consultant?” I proposed that a consultant is someone who gets paid for providing advice. I assume that if one is getting paid, one is a professional; in other words, seeking to make a livelihood from one’s activities. Many consultants start out working from home. They do so …

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Guest Post: How Consultants Should Set Their Fees

Today’s guest post is by Greg Gentschev of Brekiri, and covers some key pointers on how consultants should charge for their fees. Greg spent the past 10 years in consulting, working in areas including growth strategy, competitive analysis, and benchmarking, before moving on to found Brekiri. He also writes extensively about research and business analysis …

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