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Consulting Prices

How to Set Your Consulting Rates

There are several ways you can determine how to set your consulting rates and fees. There really is no right or wrong way to go about this – as long as the result has you being paid what you feel is fair and that it is sustainable to grow your business. The worst thing you …

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Setting Your Green Consulting Firm’s Fees

When launching into any new business, and particularly one that delivers intangible services, such as a green consulting firm, it can be tricky to determine how to best price your services, to compete, and to stay afloat as a business! Here are a few methods you may choose to employ to when setting your consulting rates and …

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Choosing Your Consultant Fees

Even once you have investigated and set your business consultant fees, your work when it comes to pricing is not over. You still need to decide how you are going to charge your client. Some of the more popular pricing strategies are discussed hereunder. Hourly and Daily Rates Each of these strategies bases the fees charged …

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How To Set Your Hourly Rates

Embarking on any freelance-based business can be a tricky proposition, especially when deciding on what your rates will be, and setting your consulting fees is no different! Finding the balance between what you believe your consulting services are worth, and what you think your clients are willing to pay for them is by far the …

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